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    Currently getting about 40-80 visits a day, thinking it has some Chinese meaning. Any feedback appreciated.
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    1 Yard can be abbreviated as 1 Yard

    As it sits, not much, but any 3 character com/net/org that actually means something isn't a bad reg

    It used to be years ago you need a short name like this for basic net stuff like DNS and stuff

    In the early days of the net every character added weight to a site, but now with huge bandwidth there's no real need for 2 or 3 character's to do grunt work on a network

    If you like football (USA style) it could be a good forum type url to discuss the 1 Yard Line for fans.

    Negatives are it's .org but today that doesn't mean much and in the search algorithms, a well developed .org is second only to a .gov site as 'authority' on a topic.

    Some purest might have issues with an org trying to monetize itself, but ads should be fine and enough sports traffic you could adsense a nice short sweet url like this, not bad but no value without traffic

    Low xxx maybe without development

    Looks good to me though, I like 1 prefixes and it's in the big 3 tld's com/net/org

    So try to think of any other that actually means something and you start to realize it's actually kinda of 'special' in having some meaning

    Not sure if it has any Chinese meaning, but as to football it sure does

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