19 year-old domain updated, is it GTA 6 related?

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    GTA parent company Take-Two Interactive updates a mysterious 19 year-old Rockstar Cartel domain, and it may not relate to GTA 6.

    Take-Two Interactive has apparently updated its 19 year-old website domain, and fans think it could be related to Grand Theft Auto 6. A quick WhoIs lookup shows the Rockstar Cartel domain is registered to Take-Two Interactive, and connecting to the website lands you to Rockstar Games' mainsite with a specific "domain-check-failed" error in the URL.

    A whois lookup of mentions MarkMonitor, who Take-Two has used to register domains in the past, and Take-Two Interactive directly, and also lists a number of DNS and NS addresses associated with Take-Two Interactive.

    A quick lookup of the site's IP ( also kicked back mention of Take-Two Interactive, and a diagnostic check showed 100% packet loss (which makes sense because the website isn't live). Vandalay Industries is also one of Take-Two Interactive's NS (Name Servers), which uses NetActuate IPv4 peer networks.

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