14 end user domain name sales including a new TLD for $18,000

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    Here are some end user sales on Sedo: $155,000 – I wrote about this one yesterday. Lycos sold the domain name to as as-yet-unknown buyer. $18,000 – Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas (just north of Austin) has been using the domain namne CelebrationChurch.tx. $5,000 – Metis flooring Ltd in Great Britain. $4,880 – Joris Tinbergen appears to have a number of startups under his belt. €4,000 – laugh all you want, but this translates to slipstream (as in a car) in German. The domain is being used for an auto parts site. $4,000 – I suspect that Drops Design AS’ website name, when spoken by Norwegians, sounds a like €3,000 – Athelas Inc sells a portable diagnostic/health system. It is upgrading from $2,650 – Halliburton has a division called Landmark. E&P stands for Exploration and Production. (As a side note, Landmark uses the domain name $2,640 – Eurobikes S.L.U bought the .com to go with its .es (Spain) domain name. $2,495 – Beyond Digital is a marketing agency, so this is likely for a client. $5,750 – ASK4, a student broadband services company, bought the .be (Belgium) domain to go along with its .com. $2,180 – the buyer works for Abenity, which offers discount club services. $3,000 – Microflight Inc sells remote-controlled blimps. $8,000 – SAM International B.V., which uses the matching .eu domain name

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    Garn = Yarn in norwegian.. as simple as that.. also in german language and few other languages (such as Norwegian) we say Garn when we mean Yarn/Thread/etc...

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