1000 Chinese traffic for VPN a day, how to monetize that?

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  1. bazabizo

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    I have a name that is the .com of some VPN for a Chinese company
    Gets 1,000 hits a day
    Tried to monetize it using normal VPn affiliate program but not success
    I believe a Chinese expert could help me making something better with this?
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  2. blogspotter

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    Lots of free VPNs nowadays so VPN affilliate conversion is a bit hard unless you have targetted VPN buying traffic. Conversion on type in traffic is a matter of waiting, or create a sales lander, highlighting the dangers, with countdown etc.

    Send me the name if you want to sell
  3. lock

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    sell a vpn as an affiliate like
  4. Donmarick

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    yup redirect to affiliate link and should be much better than parking.
  5. Dave Vima

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    Start a mailing list that's the 1st step
  6. VIP Gold Account

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    Came across this thread while searching for keyword "Chinese" on here.

    I'll throw in my two cents. If your traffic is "VPN" related but is Chinese? I wouldn't really bank on making money off VPN..

    The key here is Cross selling.

    A person looking for a VPN in China? who are these people really? you need to get into the head of those people and really think what to offer them instead of a VPN where you won't make money as someone mentioned on here already.

    me? with that traffic. I definitely would do what @Dave Vima said get a mailing list like a mailchimp or a diy of it.

    And then spam them with stuff like TaoBao's affiliate program or AliExpress or some Chinese version of Expedia like

    You could always just forward all traffic to your TaoBao link and call it a day.

    I would choose something Chinese that many have not signed up with it. a Taobao or Aliexpress is probably already saturated. people who visit your site will have probably had signed up already so you can't make money off them.

    Dating is a big thing in China too. The other thing is since the world has more women than men chances are your demographic will be mostly women not men so make your redirect be gender neutral but mostly really geared for women.

    And then there is GAMBLING.

    chances are people who ned VPN in china are doing bad things like watching band or blocked tv shows or gaming and of course online casinos.

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