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  • Hi, there, Mr. Mysterious!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    No, I'm no superwoman. We're actually a team here so we're capable of producing that much articles in a day.

    There's really no secret formula - all you must have is the ability to write great articles, and observe deadlines.

    You might like offering your service at a discounted price at first to attract customers. If they like your service, they will most likely come back even if you charge them your normal price (which you should have stated already in your first message or post).

    I agree you should not compromise quality in your articles just to impress the client by submitting earlier. You could always ask for an extension, however, do it only when necessary. If you can only finish 2 or 3 articles within 24 hours, start from there. Don't promise what you can't deliver because that is the fastest way to lose customers.

    I hope that makes sense. :)

    See you around.

    Hi Jessia, now this message is different from the ones you usually get. I was reading the thread you had posted where you have mentioned that you're capable of writing 25 articles in a day.

    How do you do that? I can't write more than 2 articles a day, (Apartheid, Caste System, Nazism, Colonialism, Genocide | What Is Racism all my articles) and if i write even a little more than 1 i experience downgrade in terms of quality.

    I know you're a fellow article writer but i also feel you might like sharing some expert advice with me :P

    Please tell me how to expand my capability...should I have a team or something..what do i do?!?!?

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