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Showcase your fresh .bot domain names; Are LLLL .com prices crashing down? was sold for $1.5 million dollars; Sleep Number attempted to reverse domain hijack; Elon Musk wants more money for a Twitter handle than the matching .com domain's cost.

Showcase your .Bot names
Amazon opened the floodgates to the .bot universe; many fans of AI are rushing to register dot .bot domain names. Is it a fad or a new money-maker among domain investors? Find out what others have registered and share your own registrations.

Topic by @rokoroko

Are LLLL .com domain name prices crashing?
What goes up, must come down; according to some domain investors the average price of four letter (LLLL) .com domain names has fallen tremendously. Is there more to drop or have we reached bottom yet? Join in and share your opinion.

Topic by @Haroon Basha was sold for $1.5 million dollars
According to reputable sources, the domain name was sold for the sum of $1.5 million dollars. Find out more details about how a single word, dictionary .com domain with a negative meaning can sell for this much.

Topic by @silentg

Sleep Number tries to reverse hijack
A sleeping services company called Sleep Number filed a UDRP to get the domain from its legitimate owner. It didn't work well; the company lost the case with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Read about the fine details of this decision.

Topic by @News Elon Musk wants more for the account than the domain’s cost!
The company MicroAcquire spent $200k to get the domain a year ago; the matching Twitter (X) handle, "acquire", has been sitting unused for a while. Elon Musk's company now wants $250k to give the handle to whoever wants it. Is it an extortion or a new, brilliant business plan?

Topic by @News

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