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Top Topics: Repair Ventures Acquires; Which Plant Names Are Valuable?...

By James Iles, Apr 25, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we learn that a company has made a significant upgrade by moving from to Elsewhere, Bob Hawkes wants to know which tree and plant names have brandable domain value, and an investor shares their experience after a five-figure experiment with the .CO extension.

    Which Tree and Plant Names Have Brandable Value?

    Aside from animal names, some of the most popular brand names derive from tree and plant names. Names such as Evergreen, Tulip, and Oak are three popular names that immediately come to mind. Naturally, the exact-match .COM’s for those three brand names are taken and developed.

    In this discussion, writer Bob Hawkes is asking for suggestions on which tree and plant names have brandable value. The basis for this question is to help with one of Bob’s articles, but it has transformed into a useful resource for popular brand names.

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

    Repair Ventures Acquires

    Repair Ventures, doing business as Olive, announced its acquisition of the domain name this week. The mechanical breakdown cover brand made the announcement via a press release, which is linked to in this discussion.

    Olive upgraded to from, with the company also recently nabbing Here, domain investors react to this acquisition and a potential asking price for is revealed.

    Topic by: @Lox Expires - Closes at $43,000

    It’s rare for a three-letter .COM domain to expire, but this week we saw expire and enter a public auction. According to NameBio, closed at $43,000 in an expiry auction held at GoDaddy.

    Here, domain investors are discussing just how the domain, which was owned by domain investment company Mrs Jello LLC, was allowed to drop in the first place. Investors are also wondering whether $43,000 is cheap for

    Topic by: @equity78

    My .CO Portfolio Experiment

    The .CO extension has been a viable alternative to the .COM extension for some startups and established companies. Some domain investors also make a healthy living from selling .CO domain names.

    A domain investor has been running a significant .CO investment test since October 2020, investing an estimated five-figure fee into the extension so far. Here, the domainer shares what they’ve learned during their expensive experiment to date.

    Topic by: @twiki

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