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Welcome to a brand new edition of Top Topics here at NamePros. This week:

A concerning email from Namecheap points to third party's service infiltration; Dropping competition appears to have increased a lot since the pandemic; Comparing Dan.com and Wix.com as a domain selling platform; A domain investor pours out his heart; The US Government wants agencies to replace .com domain usage for .gov and .mil.

Concerning e-mail from Namecheap
A third party mass-email system, SendGrid, was abused by malicious actors that sent mass emails making it look as if Namecheap sent them. That wasn't the case and Namecheap sent out an email explaining its research.

Topic by @pb

Drop competition has increased a lot lately, wondering why
The pandemic gave people the opportunity to expand their home-based business and that includes domain name investing. It seems that in recent months, drop-catching has expanded to a new level, with domainers becoming very competitive. Share your thoughts by joining the discussion.

Topic by @twiki

Wix.com vs Dan.com
A domain investor has been using Wix.com to create and use his own domain landers, where he sells his domains. He insists that Dan.com is plagued by numerous "buy it now" transactions that fall through. Is the $9 /month fee for Wix worth it? Find out by chipping in your 2 cents.

Topic by @BusinessBrands

I want to express my problems
The domain investing business is not a road covered in roses; many people find it hard to secure a steady income by selling domains. A domain investor opens up and pours his heart out, sharing his current life's problems. The domain investor community responds; read some solid advice in this thread.

Topic by @UIunique

The US Government no longer supports .com domains
Using .com domain names won't be an option soon for US federal, military, and local government web sites. The US Government sent out a memo reminding federal and other government agencies in the US, including the military, that suitable domains are .gov and .mil. Will everyone drop their .com?

Topic by @NameInbox

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Yep, I post it here, but I just copy/paste from Domaingang, original article is here:

The US Government no longer supports .com domains

writen by @Acroplex
I was suprised when i saw people registering .com domains in the governmental niche
Why would the gov use a .com with all that competition, when it could just use it's own private tld .gov ? Also when people see a domaine ending with .gov they fully trust the website. While i think in .com you have to be more aware.