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Top Topics: My First $1 Million Offer; Should I Contact This Owner?...

By James Iles, Dec 28, 2018
  1. For those who missed it, on Christmas Eve, we published an interview with HostGator founder Brent Oxley, who has amassed a domain portfolio worth around $10 million. The majority of Brent’s portfolio has been listed in the NamesCon auction, and Brent explained his reasoning for doing this in our interview.

    Brent also commented on a article stating his intention to create a new hosting company on his domain name if it doesn’t sell at NamesCon.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    My First $1 Million Offer

    Domain investor @MapleDots has publicly disclosed several five-figure acquisitions of premium .CA domains in the past, but it looks like their aggressive acquisition strategy is being taken to a whole new level with plans to submit a $1 million offer to purchase one domain.

    In this discussion, @MapleDots is seeking some advice on how best to present the $1 million offer.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    Poll: How Secure Do You Feel With Your .COM Investments?

    Since the early days of the Internet, .COM domain names have lead the digital asset class. A good .COM domain name has continually increased in value since the 1990s, but will that trend continue? Will new domain extensions and ccTLD’s take .COM’s mantle?

    This week’s featured poll asks investors how secure they feel with their .COM domains moving forward. As of writing, the large majority remain confident and secure.

    Topic by: @Shuttlepro

    New Domain Extensions at NamesCon

    The industry’s most popular conference, NamesCon, is just weeks away. Earlier in this article, we mentioned Brent Oxley, who has listed the majority of his vast .COM portfolio in the NamesCon live auction.

    An investor noticed that while there are 335 domain names in the auction to date, just eight of those are new domain extensions. The attached poll to this discussion asks whether more new extensions should be placed into the auction.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    I’m Bearish on Domain Names

    A domain investor has shared their story of a 90% decline in sales inquiries since 2015, despite increased efforts in actively seeking sales.

    According to this discussion, the investor lost several sales to new extension (new gTLD) alternatives, including a four-figure deal that failed when the end user registered a .BANK name instead.

    All of this has lead to the domainer taking a bearish stance on domain names, and is warning other investors of this. Do you agree with this outlook?

    Topic by: @namemarket

    Should I Contact This Owner?

    Every day, thousands of domain names expire, with many of those names picked up by investors. Every so often, a name expires that causes a lot of stir and competition between domainers. But what if you were alto acquire that name before it went to auction?

    This investor has found a domain that very recently expired, so has yet to be caught by a drop catching service such as NameJet or DropCatch.

    Should the domainer attempt to offer a nominal fee to the previous owner in return for renewing the domain and transferring it to the investor?

    Topic by: @jideofor

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