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The owner of the domain MarketingAgency.com sought feedback about its value; Using SSL for domain parking is a necessity; What are the main issues that domain investors face? Using A records on Dan landers—pros and cons; Domains that resold for multiples of their sale on NamePros.

Valuation of the domain name MarketingAgency.com
The owner of the domain MarketingAgency.com sought feedback on its valuation. Some responders questioned the domain's ownership and the true intentions of the OP, as the domain is actually developed into a marketing agency web site. After providing evidence of ownership, the feedback was positive; chip in your 2 cents by joining the discussion.

Topic by @brettdavid

Check Your Domains if Parking/Redirecting - Domains without SSL Won't Load
Web browsers are the #1 enemy of your domain name revenue from parking, if there is no SSL installed on the redirects. This can also cost you domain sales, if the redirect is done over http instead of https and the web browser refuses to display the lander. Being able to check your domain portfolio for web access over the web should be on your to-do list!

Topic by @bhartzer

Problems in domain industries
Being fresh in the game of domain investing comes with lots of questions. Understanding the problems that fellow domainers face can prepare newcomers to the domain industry; this is a discussion that both newbies and old-timers can benefit from, so join in.

Topic by @Ritik bhardwaj

Why you should use an A record instead of a NS for Dan landing page, and why you should NOT!
Having control over your traffic's origin is a must for lots of different reasons, including establishing interest from particular geographical locations. Domains listed for sale at Dan can use its nameservers, but can also function using A records when using your own DNS. There is one big caveat about that option, however, so be forewarned by reading the fine details.

Topic by @postscripter

Domains that got sold for $x on Namepros but later for $xxxx
The NamePros forum provides exceptional opportunities for buying domain names from fellow investors. Sometimes, the price can be super low, around the $10 dollar mark. NamePros users share their experience of sales that completed for low amounts on the forum which ended up becoming end-user sales in the thousands of dollars. That's what domain investing is all about!

Topic by @Mass Names

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Thanks for the great summary @Acroplex.

I hope those reading the thread and mention will read the full original post and note the NOT with respect to A records instead of pointers, at least in the current situation of 25% and 15% commission.

I don't do parking personally, but the SSL situation seems critical for those who do.

I suspect there are more $ to $$$$ stories than one might think, but I have always felt that when a name sells for a good retail price, for the seller to publicly note a very low acquisition price represents the industry poorly. We all know that with the low sell-through rate one needs high ratios, but that is not appreciated by retail buyers who, rightly, only focus on their own situation. I suspect some are hesitant to share their examples in the thread either for that reason, or because they feel the seller here at NamePros will feel bad.



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