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In this week’s Top Topics, one domain investor announces a $17,500 .TV sale and another domainer secures two sales in a day thanks to following up with old leads. Elsewhere, an investor is done with domaining, and which company will be the next to innovate?

The Next

It was recently announced that the popular domain name marketplace had been sold to GoDaddy for an undisclosed fee that may become public knowledge in a future GoDaddy SEC filing.

With under GoDaddy’s control, some investors are wondering which platform could be next to innovate the domain name industry.

Topic by: @Mkt Sales Lead

I Sold This .TV Domain for $17,500

Established .TV domain investor @Ammudamus has previously shared some sizable domain sales, including, which sold for $50,000 in February 2022. Now, the domainer is back with another .TV sale.

This deal, closed via GoDaddy, saw a two-letter .TV domain sell for $17,500. According to Whois, the domain has moved under Whois privacy protection to GoDaddy, but further details of the buyer are unknown.

Topic by: @Ammudamus

I’m Probably Done With Domaining

One of the most popular discussions from the last week involved a domainer that is considering quitting the industry thanks to a lack of domain sales. According to the discussion, inquiries and sales have completely dried up, leading the domainer to wonder whether the time and effort involved is worth the return.

As you might expect, other investors have offered advice that may also be relevant to other domainers that are perhaps considering quitting the industry.

Topic by: @Clover

I Closed 2 Sales Today Like This

Sometimes, you have all the resources you need to make extra sales, and all that’s required is a little legwork. That’s certainly the case for this domain investor, who reportedly closed two sales in a day.

Those sales were thanks to the investor taking initiative and contacting every single person that has inquired about a domain name within the last two years. The investor provided counter offers and ultimately sold two domains.

Topic by: @johnn

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