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Time flies by when you're buying and selling domain names—Welcome to a fresh edition of Top Topics here at NamePros.

What is the best domain lander that you can use at Sedo? Can you be a successful domainer by only hand-registering domain names? Check out the 100 oldest .com's; Is dotDB shutting down or not? Using to sell domain names to a stranger—is it safe and secure?

Best Sedo lander
Sedo offers several types of landing pages ("landers") for domains and some people have success with Fixed Price; others swear by the efficiency of Best Offer And Fixed Price landing pages. Domain investors discuss what works best for them and it's also related to the commission Sedo keeps. Join the discussion.

Topic by @SamirAz86

Is it possible to be very successful in domaining only with handreg domains?
Beginners in domain investing face an obvious dilemma: Spend a small chunk of money to acquire existing domain names and resell them at profit, or go cheap and hand-register domain names. The latter requires patience and it's a learning process, because we've all registered domains we later dropped. See what other domainers think about what is the best approach.

Topic by @Domain Name Invest

Check out the 100 oldest .com domain names!
There was a time when no domain names existed, then BOOM. It took a while for the domain universe to expand, however, and for sometime after that first registration others trickled in. Here's a video about the first 100 .com domain names ever to be registered.

Topic by @Name Nerd

DotDB Shutting Down or Not?
Popular domain research tool, dotDB, sent out a mass email notifying its users that it's shutting down at the end of March. But that's not the case here, as it was some type of unintentional action. Find out what really happened and make sure you change your password at dotDB, if you have an account there.

Topic by @GoKaizen

First ever domain sale to a stranger - buyer wants to use and price is in the $XXX,XXX range - how to ensure I don't get scammed?
Other than winning the award for potentially the longest subject at NamePros, this thread examines a typical issue that beginners face: Can I sell a domain name to a stranger without getting stiffed?, the industry's quintessential tool, is indeed safe and secure, and here's how to ensure you complete transactions with them in a smooth manner.

Topic by @Samueldev

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