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The Story of Christmas (.com)

By James Iles, Dec 20, 2017
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    Seasonal domain names can be profitable. We’ve seen in the past that Thanksgiving.com and Halloween.com receive huge spikes in traffic, and presumably revenue, around those specific holidays. One of the most popular seasonal domain names has to be Christmas.com.

    With billions of dollars expected to be spent on Christmas gifts, food and decorations in the US alone, Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for most commercial outlet owners! Here, we’re going to explore the story of Christmas.com to see its journey from registration to its current use.

    Registered in August 1994, Christmas.com soon displayed a basic page dedicated to the festive period. In the earliest incarnation of the website, we can see that Christmas.com is branded as “Santa’s Domain on the Web”. Over the next couple of years, the domain hosted several versions of basic websites designed to profit from the traffic that no doubt accompanied this prestigious name.

    That is until 2006 when the name moved to a parked page with many links to Christmas-related products, offers and gift ideas. Christmas.com stayed this way until 2012 when a company called LeftOfTheDot, not simply “Left”, partnered with the domain’s owner to create a brand new website for Christmas.com.

    According to a report from TheDomains.com at the time, “previous work that Leftofthedot did for a client led that client to put some faith in the company to revive his christmas.com address.”

    That revival started with Left creating a brand new website for Christmas.com where visitors could buy gifts from over four hundred different retailers. The site also contained those staple Christmas content pages such as stories, games and recipes. At the time, the new website boosted Christmas.com’s search rankings, apparently bringing the site to fourth place on Google for the term “Christmas”.

    Since 2012, the idea of Christmas.com has remained largely the same, with gift ideas and wish lists making up the majority of the domain’s content. Christmas.com also now offers “Family Pages”, an ingenious idea that allows families to share photos, memories, recipes and more on a Christmas.com subdomain.

    How does the Christmas.com domain fare now in terms of traffic? Surprisingly, the domain seems to struggle in Google search rankings but ranks highly in alternative search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo.

    The domain, as you would expect, sees a significant amount of seasonal traffic. According to Alexa, the site has extremely large peaks in traffic between November and January.

    Under Left’s guidance, Christmas.com has become a fun and festive destination for those who navigate to the site. Left also operates websites on other leading domain names such as Oahu.com, WeddingDay.com and RentalHomes.com.
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    Santa.com and SantaClause.com also are great names for the season.
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    Nice article. Thanks for sharing!
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    Merry Christmas to all domainers.