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Domain investors are invited to say something positive about a fellow domainer; DAN ends listings of .in domains on its marketplace; If you have a trademark, can you negotiate the price of the matching domain? was stolen, according to news sources; ICANN & Verisign shake hands on .net contract extension.

Say something nice about an investor
Domain investors often disagree with other domain investors on just about anything! Here's an opportunity to ignore what we disagree on and focus on our good traits. Domainers are invited to leave positive comments about fellow domain investors, so join in and share the fun!

Topic by @HotKey

DAN will no longer allow the listing of .in domains
Gotta love new policies: is ending the ability to list for sale .in domain names. While all existing contracted sales will continue until paid off, all .in domains are being removed from the marketplace at the end of July. Disappointed? So are we, so find out what happened.

Topic by @Bipul

If I have a trademark for the domain I want, does that give me leverage on the buying price of the domain?
A commonly asked question: If you own a trademark, can you get that "unused" domain name? In this discussion, someone is asking specifically about negotiating the domain's selling price based on a (pending) trademark application. While not legal advice, feedback is quite interesting.

Topic by @allaboutdomains295

DNW: is stolen
The estate of the late Uzi Nissan claims that the domain has been stolen from their account and moved to another account within the same registrar. They filed a lawsuit to recover it. Follow this thread for updates.

Topic by @Lox

ICANN Enters into .net Contract Extension with Verisign
Verisign just had its lucrative contract for .net domain registrations renewed by ICANN, for 6 more years. The contract gives Verisign the right to increase its .net registration pricing by 10% a year! Find out how this affects the cost of your .net domain names.

Topic by @News

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