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Saving Money on Domain Names

By Bob Hawkes, Nov 27, 2019
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    So the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have pretty well all come to an end now, would be fun to get a summary of what people snagged and their overall impressions. There is some talk of impressions at the other thread - I think in general people were underwhelmed by Namecheap this year at least compared to their aggressive pricing in previous years. Also in general people seemed a little disappointed how few good options for .com transfer, renew or registration. I may be over-generalizing.

    So what did I personally get? Here is a summary....
    1. This year I spent more on renewals (slightly) than new registrations, much different from last year. As well as .com transfer/renew, I renewed 9 .best at the half-price deal, as well as a number of .icu at half-price, some for a few years in future.
    2. I registered almost 40 .ca at sharply reduced rates. That more than doubles my Canadian portfolio. The new ones were a miix of one word and brandable and a few two-words. In some cases I got matches to the same word I had in .co or a legacy extension to offer as potential packages to Canadian companies wanting boy a .ca and a global name.
    3. In terms of legacy I registered 11 new .com, one .org and a couple of .net.
    4. Not as many new extension registrations as in past years, but I did add 4 .work (my first in that TLD), 1 .surf (my only ever in that), 2 new .best and 4 new .icu (one of them low premium but on half-price). I also picked up two totally free .best registrations.
    5. I always think about names I might develop, and 5 of the names I got I have development ideas in mind (although odds are I would not actually do it).
    6. So if someone asked what was my favourite new acquisitions over the sale period, it probably would be a tie between I really like, despite 3 words, InternetOfWork(.)com and also rename(.)ca. One of my free .best was celebrate(.)best which seemed kind of appropriate :xf.grin:.
    So why not tell us either your general directions this year, your favourite acquisitions, or opinions on how good the sales were?


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    Good one Congrats @Bob Hawkes

    Thanks for Sharing this with us
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