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data Domain Data: 87% Of Andreessen Horowitz Investments Use .COM

Crunchbase is a great place to find data about domain names. Through Crunchbase, you can get an incredible amount of data on names, brands, industries and more. Today, as a part of our domain data series, we’re bringing you a look at the domain names used by companies that Andreessen Horowitz have invested in.

Andreessen Horowitz is one of the largest venture capital companies, and have funded companies such as Instagram, Zynga and Groupon in the past. Below is the data from 124 of Andreessen Horowitz’s most recently funded companies.

As this data was collected through a Crunchbase Pro subscription, we are not able to share the data with you, since that would be a violation of Crunchbase’s terms. We are, however, pleased to bring you some very interesting data summaries.

The Companies

We took analysis from 124 companies that were recently funded wholly or partially by Andreessen Horowitz. The companies cover a number of different industries and each have received funding to different levels. According to our research, the average total company funding from our data is $91.59 million. Note that this is the overall funding amount and not necessarily the amount that Andreessen Horowitz invested themselves. The largest total investment from our list is Magic Leap’s $1.39 billion, and the smallest total investment is BlocPower with $25,000.

We also took a look at the year in which each company was founded. This is as a reference to what we’ll be seeing later on when we look at the creation date of each domain name. From the list we looked at, we found that every single company is less than ten years old. SnapLogic, Lytro and 451degrees were the only companies that were founded in 2006, according to Crunchbase.

The average foundation year for each company is 2011, and the median average for company formation is 2012. This means that the average company from our list is just four to five years old.

The Domains

Of course, the main reason you’re taking a look at this article is because you are interested in knowing a little more about the domain names that are used by these companies. Andreessen Horowitz’s investments aren’t made based on whether or not they like your domain, but for the companies involved, a good domain name can help immensely with the marketing of a product. We’ve seen many examples in our inside interview series in which startup owners have been very positive about their domain name investments.

First of all, let’s take a look at the characters in each domain name. For many investors, short domains are considered to be the best. Is that assumption supported by our data here? Overall, the average domain name here has 8 characters. The median average is also eight characters and the most popular length is seven characters, with 21.7% of companies using a seven character domain. There is one company that uses a two-number .CO domain, and two companies using a three character domain.

The shortest domain is, which is used by “21” - a bitcoin startup from California who have raised over $121 million in funding. They do not own as of writing. The longest name on our list is, a 21 character domain that includes a hyphen. is owned and used by a Florida marketing company.

There are some great short and one-word .COM’s on the list, including, and, which have all certainly been acquired by these startups at some point in time.

I took a look through NameBio to see whether any domain names on the list had been acquired publicly. Here’s what I found:
  • was purchased in 2011 on Sedo for $5,000.
  • was purchased in 2015 on Sedo for $5,000.
  • was purchased in a private sale for $75,000 in 2016.


In total, there are eight different domain extensions used amongst the 124 domains we analysed. As you would expect, .COM is the most popular, with 87% of all companies using a .COM domain name. There are five .IO names, four .AI, two .CO, two .ORG and one a piece for .IN, .AM and .AG.

In some cases, companies have used their domain extensions to form a domain hack. One example would be the mobile health data developer Cardiogram who use They also own, but this looks to have been acquired by the company from Mrs Jello LLC at some point.

Elsewhere, Within makes great use of the domain name after switching names from Vrse to Within earlier this year. is being used by another company, so they’ve gone for what I believe is the next best thing.

Exact Match

How many of the companies listed own their exact match domain? In this scenario, we’re taking exact match to mean a domain that matches precisely the company’s name. For example, a company called Affirm would have an exact match domain of

From the list of 124 names, 110 have an exact match domain name. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a .COM. If we’re counting exact match .COM domains only, 98 out of the 124 own them.

Domain Creation Date

Earlier, we mentioned the average age of a company in this list is around five years, with the average foundation year being 2011. The average age for a domain name in this list is just over 9 years, which would signify the fact that a number of companies here have acquired domains on the aftermarket at some point.

The oldest domain on the list belongs to Slack -, a domain that was created in 1992. Slack is a messaging app for teams that was founded in 2009 and has raised an incredible $539 million in equity funding. Slack was originally called Tiny Speck, who initially released a failed game called Glitch before releasing Slack, and eventually changed their company name to Slack. They look to have acquired the name some time in late 2012 to early 2013.

The second oldest is, a domain that was created in 1994. was founded in 2013, and has received over $17 million in funding to date. According to, the sale of the domain was brokered by

In total, 26 domains from the 124 name list are registered before the year 2000. Interestingly, 48 of the 124 names were registered after 2010, meaning that the majority of domains seem to have been registered upon the company’s creation. A couple of examples of this are and - both brandable domains that were registered very close to their respective company’s launch date.

As I said earlier, we can’t share the exact data with you since it was acquired under the Crunchbase Pro subscription, we can only report on it.

I hope that this overview of the data for Andreessen Horowitz’s most recent investments is interesting. We shall continue to analyse data from a number of sources as a part of our Domain Data series, which has been running on and off since 2015.
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