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Hello all,

I have acquired a number of domains over the past few years and have done nothing with most of them. I'd like sell the remainder now (all undeveloped domains), but have little idea of how to value or best sell/market them. Any suggestions for what to keep or let expire in the first instance would be appreciated. Then, how to best market the remainder - I am hoping to sell in the shorter rather than the longer term (but not a fire sale). Thanks.

quillzone.com (play on words)
quillzone.net (play on words)
quill.zone (play on words)
quillerinstinct.com (play on words)
psychoquiller.com (play on words)
quillerinstinct.net (play on words)
serial-quiller.com (play on words)
fritinancy.com (archaic dictionary word)
textraordinaire.com (contraction: text extraordinaire)
schtik.com (less common alternative spelling to shtick/schtick)
rinkyd.ink (domain hack)
kind.red (domain hack)
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Hi all,

I hope I have not asked asked for a review of too many domains. Of course it is Christmas, but I see replies to other posts. If I have added too many domains - my apologies - so what about the two I included in the title?


I hope you all are enjoying Christmas / holiday season.

Low-xx to High-xx ea.
These have no value save for you developing them. Schtik.com is MAYBE ok but since it's the alternative spelling, has very little value.

I see you tried with a play on words with "quill" in all of those, but it just doesn't work. Anything with "q" is always tough because it's one of the lesser desirable letters.

Let me give you a hint about combining two words to make one (which is really a staple of American innovation). Take two words and combine them and find if they really work together. Then consult your imagination to see whether it makes for a good, practical idea that can be realized or manifested in the natural world. If it can't, drop it.

Best of luck