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Your Avg time of domain selling?

Labeled as question in Domain Buying and Selling Discussion started by mani0307, Dec 31, 2018.


  1. mani0307

    mani0307 Top Member VIP

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    Hi All,
    Happy New Year!
    I have a question about domain avg time selling.
    for example if you have 250 domains.
    i have 250 domains and 90% domains still 11 month left for expiry but unfortunately i have sold many domains on reseller price now i'm planning to hold all domains atleast 6 month for enduser sale.
    please share your avg time of selling.
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  2. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Member VIP

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    Hello and Happy New Year to you as well!

    In the past year, I have logged just a few sales out of several hundreds of domains. My focus is exclusively (to date) on end users and the sales were for amounts that were more than satisfactory. In fact, one buyer was so rude and low balled me so many times, I nearly doubled the publicly posted sale price and they took it within 48 hours.

    I have plenty of lower grade names, but I am fierce on getting what the higher quality names are worth. Otherwise I will spend the money to renew and develop if necessary.
  3. Fancy.domains

    Fancy.domains Selling gTLDs like delicious hotcakes Gold Account VIP

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    I’ve almost stopped selling to domainers (if they don’t pay really good;)) and in 2018, I sold about 8-9% of my names.
  4. tomcarl

    tomcarl Top Member VIP

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    For me it's completely random. I can have a great name sit on the shelf with not one bite for years, then all of a sudden it sells for twice the price it had been listed for for the past few years, and then on the other hand a mediocre name can sell within a week of buying it. It's all timing and the price you're willing to accept.

    But...the more open you are to letting names go below what you think they're worth, the more often you'll find yourself selling names.
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