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I am considering offering a paid feature on RobbiesBlog.com to list your domain name for sale either on the fixed side bar or in a posts for a fixed period of time i.e - 1 week or 5 days etc.

cost would be minimal - something like $3 -$5 but only one name per person and maximum of 10 names showing at any one time.

Being honest it’s a way to earn some revenue from the blog, as paid advertisers are hard to come by and affiliate links are great but not every reader uses them.

what’s your thoughts? Would you use a service like this?

guaranteed to get eyes on your domain names, but we can’t guarantee it will sell.

please vote and leave some feedback too.


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What's your monthly traffic, and is it mainly domainers/investors reading it? Where does the traffic come from (ex if it comes from Namepros, I'd imagine mostly resellers, if it comes from ProductHunt or business blogs etc I'd imagine more end users). I would pay, hypothetically, depending on how many people will see the name and who they are.
Traffic is mixed to RobbiesBlog, Search Engine is small but growing, Domaining.com used to be a top source but recently Direct Navigation has taken over with people visiting often, We have also seen Twitter driving more traffic.

I would still say domain name investors are the number 1 readers of Robbies Blog, then its a real mixture of business from different end-users. Daily Views have been averaging around 300 UV per day, some days we are north of 500+ and when went we don't post, we still see around 80 - 100 UV, visiting the blog - Remembering that we have only just relaunched less than two months ago after a 2-year break.

Alexa Ranking is improving daily and US is our Number one readers over 55%, Then followed by India but we have readers from around the globe, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain and many other locations.

I hope this helps provide some information, trying to be as transparent as possible.
I like RobbiesBlog.com and have it bookmarked :). But, I'm domainer and my sales are almost exclusively to endusers. Even though routine after-sale whois checks (if I have time...) do show that some of my domains were purchases by other domainers, the %%% of such sales is extremely low. So, generally speaking, I would not use paid promotion on industry blogs. I may try to locate some domains in the portfolio which are good for domainers acting as endusers (such as IT/domaining related stuff) though... did not consider this idea yet.
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