WordPress Website Maintenance for Security & Speed by a Professional



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WordPress Website Maintenance for Security & Speed by a Professional !!
As a Professional Freelancer with over 15+ yrs of experience, I do provide the following maintenance services

  1. WP core upgrades
  2. WP database cleanup & backup
  3. LBC caching
  4. Theme Integrity Checks
  5. GZIP compression setup
  6. Images compression
  7. JS and CSS files Minification
  8. Analyze Plugin impacts & remove unwanted Plugins
  9. Malware checks
  10. Broken links
  11. HTTP Expires & E-Tags Configuration
  12. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks
  13. Remove Query Strings
  14. Render Blocking Scripts


In-addition to the above , I do provide the following as well

# Complete WordPress site Design & Development
# Theme Development & Customisation
# Plugin Development & Customisation
# Website Maintenance & Bug Fixing
# Website Audit Report
# WordPress Website Customisations

Checkout my portfolio linked in my signature to know more about my skill-sets / experience / projects & client references.


If you are interested with my services , I would be happy to help you on long-term.

Thanks & looking forward to hear from you all.

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