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  1. JayT


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    Dear Baby Moderators,

    I would post in insider area, but im banned from there.

    I logged in the other day and one user @WebFires (whom i've barely ever talked with) posted in the chat, "JayT is just an internet tough guy hiding behind a keyboard". Remember, I wasn't being tough with this guy at all, only once even saying to him, 'web fires' probably aren't a good thing, and he joked momentarily.

    Having seen his provoking me one morning, calling me a b*tch basically, I started calling him out for everything I could, and I began to figure out WHO he was. Yes, WAS. He has changed his username on namepros! This is somehow allowed, and even multiple accounts are allowed...smh

    I was rude him him, asking things like, "who's the real one hiding (changing username)" etc? Mainly though, I called him out on promoting his personal software in chat on a weekday (which is against the rules and probably filled with Trojans to keylog).

    Somewhere during my rant against him, rubbing his dirty face into every piece of sh*t I could find on him, someone (presumably him), reported me! I got banned for telling the guy what a loser he is! He called me a B*TCH for no reason out of the blue!

    Namepros caters to cuckolds. No wonder it's so lame here, crybabies reporting when they get a dose of reality.
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  2. stub

    stub Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I think NamePros should list former identities on a users Profile Page, so that a users cannot anonymize themselves behind a change of names. If they are going to allow change of names, at all. IMHO.
  3. myfavorite

    myfavorite Member VIP

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    They responded based on someone's report against you. Why not equally report to them privately as to what happened.
  4. ecomslice

    ecomslice Established Member

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    I will chime in here so all can be of knowledge, The O.P JayT has made strong efforts to Spam outside of this forum with personal attacks on established members. it is not my place to share links as it is their personal name and insanely inappropriate attacks.

    take this knowledge coming from me for what you wish, but I thought it was fair to share as it is my truth based on facts. I have nothing to gain or lose from saying this, I have not been affected in any wrong doing by anyone here , but i suggest you add it to the data.
  5. MapleDots

    MapleDots Domain Properties 2002 - 2019 VIP

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    Here is a lesson I learned...

    The more time you give to people chasing you the greater the odds that they win.


    Your time is finite.... I just let it drop and move on.

    Within a few days everything is forgotten and life goes on.

    You win if you just ignore him or give him as little time as possible.

    PS. Chat is very temporary, I usually stay out, people can spew their poison in there and its forgotten 10 minutes later. I prefer to contribute in meaningful dialogue that engages fellow members.
  6. Mod Team Bravo

    Mod Team Bravo Moderator, NamePros Moderator PRO Gold Account VIP

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    We understand that everyone gets frustrated from time to time, but the way you are letting out your frustration is not constructive.

    Furthermore, you're violating multiple rules while you vent, with the most concerning one being:
    It might be best for you to step away for a bit until you calm down so that you do not make things worse.

    When an account has restrictions on it, like yours does, the VIP badge is automatically removed because one of the criteria for the badge is that the account must be "in good standing." Without a VIP badge, you do not have access to the Insiders Club unless you were to upgrade your account to Gold.

    You can learn about username changes at the following page:
    There are several legitimate and sensible reasons for someone to change their username, which you can learn about in our help guides.

    Also, you may want to learn about when and why we allow multiple accounts:
    Note: The accounts are linked together and shown to staff.

    We used to, but GDPR required us to remove it.

    However, it's often not that difficult to figure out someone's previous usernames:
    1. You can look through someone's old posts:
    2. You can find a QUOTE of the user, which will have their username at the time of the quote.
    3. Google cache:
    4. Archive websites:
    5. Look at the Whois and domain history of domains the user is selling or has sold.
    And so on.

    We hope that helps.
  7. Paul Buonopane

    Paul Buonopane CTO, NamePros CTO VIP

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    Just to clarify this point: it's likely that someone's previous username contains personal information, such as their real name. In most cases, we are required to allow them to remove this information from certain contexts. We don't have complete records of which username changes occurred as a result of someone requesting to remove personal information, especially prior to the current administration, so we can't reasonably make username changes public. We still maintain an internal record of username changes that's used for fraud and abuse mitigation, which is permitted under GDPR.

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