In this exclusive thread you have the chance to post the last ...


... to show the world that you are the one who posted it - at least for the time no one other posted it after you (you can then (always) post it (a new one) again - and so on) but whenever you post it, you must only post it in ...

- standard font
- standard size
- lower case letters

- color #ff0000
- bold

... and in no other way and nothing else, this is the criteria of this thread and if you ignore it, your post deserves and will therefore receive a NEGATIVE - POINT and a DISAGREE from me and additionaly I may will report your post (for breaking this thread's rule) but ...

... on the other hand, in case you will correct your post so that it will be as described above, I will remove the NEGATIVE - POINT and the DISAGREE and "change" it into a POSITIVE + POINT and into an AGREE and a LIKE if I will notice that you have corrected it (you can send me a private message to infom me about your correction if I have not noticed it) but you can anyway avoid this theater by simply posting it directly in the correct way and ...

... the simplest way to do that is to copy and paste = post it from above, and, just that you know it, you can post it as often as you like but each one must be posted in a separate post.


Feel free to LIKE or DISLIKE or THANK or AGREE or DISAGREE to / with this and / or any other of my posts and / or to give me a NEGATIVE - POINT or a POSITIVE + POINT on my post/s as often as you want / can - it doesn't matter, all what counts in this thread is the last top (in the described format).
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