Which Domain Extensions Rank The Best In Google? Useful info

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    Helpful info for those in the community. This is a short article a few months old, however, provides good info. Additionally, it provides link to a site that should be added to domain investor's tool kit. Site is updated daily. May also be used to educate potential buyers in right negotiation scenario.

    The top five spammiest domains, according to their data, are:

    1. .science, with 92.7% of domains they’ve seen identified as bad, with a total number of seen domains at 60,622.
    2. .stream, with 89.9% of domains they’ve seen identified as bad, with a total number of seen domains at 22,795.
    3. .men, with 73.9% of domains they’ve seen identified as bad, with a total number of seen domains at 69,993.
    4. .party, with 79.3% of domains they’ve seen identified as bad, with a total number of seen domains at 30,466.
    5. .top, with 60.6% of domains they’ve seen identified as bad, with a total number of seen domains at 641,306.

    There are many folks in the domain industry who hate and label all new tlds as failures. This will add to their positions with the new tlds. However, there are many who believe in the new tlds and invest in them. For these folks, this tool will assist making smarter choices when selecting new tlds as potential domain investments, instead of selecting all just because of the abundance of .99 scent sales.

    My position on new tlds/cctlds; opportunity exist in all for successful sales and profits. Every investing opportunity industry has Big league players, Middle league players, and Little league players. Each eventually develop a strategy that generate more consistent profits than loses. Those that do not, are no longer players.

    Many variables buying and selling domains: trends, timing, demand, keywords, language, social behavior, and a little luck; no matter what the extension may be. However, it is a good idea for investors to learn discipline, and use a variety of tools available to mitigate investment risks/losses; that will assist in generating more sales/profits than loses. Never let complacency keep you from learning, adapting, and reaching the success you deserve in life!
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    Total crap. The post doesn't even answer the question it poses in the title. Then the author uses email statistics as a proxy for how well a g/LTD will rank in Google. Come on? Seriously?
  3. RegBoss

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    If I owned one of the new extensions registries, I would pay people to purchase one once in a while for bigger dollars. That way it keeps the new extension hype going and the registrars make a killing. Human psychology is an interesting game. People see a good sale in a new extension and run out and buy more crap. lol Think about it. They have meetings once in awhile and tell each other OK I will pay friends to buy .5 million worth of your new extensions and you do the same for mine. That will keep the hype going and we will make millions. The big boys club. They scratch each others back to get fat. lol
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  4. texmexi

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    Totally agree, but that fact is not important. The blogger used title as bait link, and I should have used better News Topic Title on forum instead of cut and past. I apologize.

    However, the article contained useful information. Provided link to website tool that provides useful data to stay educated on ever evolving malicious spam trends with domain extensions by providing hard numbers, percentages daily and more. This information is extremely valuable when it comes to how google's SE algorithms and updates rank spam extensions, etc.

    All data with hard numbers regarding domains is useful, as they speak volumes if you know how to use such data to your advantage, regardless if it is positive or negative domain data. Hard numbers tell a story.

    There is much more to domain investing than buying and selling. Staying educated on how all of it connects together regarding domains, will only assist in making an individual wiser as a domain investor/developer/buyer.

    Many folks discount this type of data and continued education regarding domain names and much more. Most only care to stay focused on domain sales data. Unfortunately, the truth is sales data provided publicly holds minimal value at best, due to that data only being a very small percentage of the type of domains that sell weekly. Here are 2 reasons why:

    1. The majority of domain sales data that occur weekly are never made public. Even the bloggers in the industry that are willing to share info on other folks domain sales, and everything else, refuse to reveal their domain sales data.

    2. Most sales listed publicly, (80%-90%) are domainer to domainer sales using namejet & godaddy auction platforms. Additionally, another (10%-20%) sales data with minimal value is expired domain sales on namejet, dropcatch, and godaddy platforms, as most are domain investors buying wholesale, hoping to sell later for a profit. Another (2%-5%) are end user sales. I know the % examples I listed above add up over 100%, they are not hard numbers only ball park examples.

    The bottom line is to never stay complacent with learning or using tools available for your advantage as a domain investor. What is not growing, is surely dying.
  5. Furquah

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    It's totally BS Article,

    Ranking in search engine involve lots of other factor. Having a & hoping you will get traffic from everywhere is biggest lie. You have to build trustworthy content, informative, right to the point & your site should be mobile and user friendly with clear navigation. you also need to have some good quality dofollow backlinks in order to get #1 position in search engine.

    I have ranked one my .xyz website on first page for serval keywords.
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  6. texmexi

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    100% agree with 1 point you made:
    1. Human psychology game. Big domain sales made public in new gtld or cctld will always generate buzz for gltd (free PR) and indeed lead to frenzy of new domain registrations in that gtld/cctld. Additionally, this frenzy can be seen when a domain extension goes on sale. In the retail industry, it is all about human psychology game, from aroma scents being pumped out through ventilation systems, the lighting, and most importantly products being placed on SALE. When consumers see the word SALE, they purchase products easier!

    Do not agree or support any of the other content written.

    False advertising/Shill Bidding/Fraud activity by any business to generate more profits is illegal. Fraud activity equates to scandal. This will lead to lawsuits if/when caught and jail time for fraud if you are business and do these shady practices in any industry to generate profits. Based off some research i conducted after NameJet Scandal, data implies this has already occurred in the industry with some of the new gtlds since launching.

    Number 1 rule in business; never do anything illegal, immoral or unethical. It will catch up to you eventually.

    How to maximize and generate buzz and registrations from big gtld sale
    Legal and cheap way to get same results, if not better using creativity to drive human psychology actions into registrar growth and profits. This would be my 3 step game plan as a new gtld registrar "Every Time" a big sale is announced in my gtld that is above normal sales until consistent growth occurs and domain sales.

    Step 1: Contact all Domain Industry bloggers and inform them of the domain sale. Additionally, I would inform them of the launch of New Sales promotion on sold gtld (25%) mark down to celebrate the sale. Never 0.99. Even if sale is published publicly on forum or Essential for bloggers to announce the sale and make public, especially if sale made thru registrar.

    Step 2: After 24hrs, my registrar would announce thru press release and my channels the domain sale, gtld Sale, and announce new 7 day Viral Contest using Facebook or Youtube platforms for chance to win 1 of 2 $500 EV premium domains in sold gtld held by registrar with normal yearly registration fee. Contest participant rules: must own 1 domain in sold gltd to participate. Must generate creative viral media on Facebook or Youtube on the New gtld Sales promotion using the domain sold info. Winner determined by most views and likes on their viral media. 1 domain for facebook winner and 1 domain for youtube winner.
    User generated social media is the best advertising ever

    Step 3: Stop Sales promotion on 8th day. Reward and publicly announce winners. Analyze data and determine if gtld sales promotion and contest generated new gtld registrations, as well as other gtld registrations owned by registrar and analyze traffic to site. Great results, do same exact thing next time. If poor results, brainstorm how to make better and make changes. Then execute. Eventually, right formula will evolve. Regardless, BIG WIN for registrar and gtld just with the advertising buzz alone.

    Big win for winners for their time creating viral content. In the end, advertising buzz and brand awareness done dirt cheap! That being the worse case scenario.

    My question to you, which strategy do you think would lead to long term gtld market value, profits, and loyalty; yours or mine?
  7. texmexi

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    Read the article again. He says exactly what you said! Minus the BS part. (y)
  8. drakeholm

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    I find it limiting that while I have the creativity to develop amazing sites the names that would skyrocket and amplify the content I create are out of mY financial league. The fact remains that without a catchy brand and a combo keyword or geo and a top level domain extension, all the metrics are against you. Today even more than fifteen years ago , the search engines blind the public to great content and promote big dollar campaigns and deep pocket players. The public can't see new destinations because the monster budgets order the page ranking.
    weirdly reminiscent of the credit industry where the more debt you have the more credit worthy you are. The web site of today without ads is in an seo death spiral from birth.
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  9. dilipbagdi

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    All. I am ranking at its best with very high competition
  10. Argentum

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    New Gtlds is for spammers, serious people not using it.
  11. texmexi

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    Your comment is ridiculous, 100% false, provides no value to the community, and lastly, fails to provide factual data to back up such a statement.

    There is no doubt extreme spam abuse is taking place on new gltds, however, it is not all Gtld sites registered conducting this behavior. GTLDs with .99 registration fee promotions etc are the popular ones spammers use because they are cheap (Easily can check Top Gtlds used for spamming using link above). However, this does not mean companies and individuals are not successful developing sites in those gtlds. As you know, .COM has a lot of spammer sites/emails as well, foolish if you think otherwise (again can easily verify with link above).

    Here are some facts: Data Via You can check 3,000 New GTLD's with global Alexa Ranking of 100,000 & under and conduct research on many different levels if you know how to use data.

    In order to disprove your comment and provide factual data you are wrong, see below. I am not going to provide you a list of 100 Big companies using new Gtlds, you can do such research yourself now that I have provided a tool for you to conduct such research.

    Small list of a few "Non-Serious" small companies you may of not heard of using New GTLDs: 12,900 Ranking 58,289 Ranking
    Apple.News 11,653 Ranking
    Football.London 23,548 Ranking
    Amazon.Work 26,502 Ranking 46,815 Ranking

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