When You Should Develop a Domain Name?

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  1. Seventy

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    HI Namepros members,

    I am very curious when you decide to instead of holding, selling, brokering your domain(s) to actually develop the domain yourself.

    Not long ago started a few projects myself which obviously require more more investments in the project but for me, one domain that did it was (excuses if this comes off as promotion, not meant to be)

    But at some point and I believe with two keyword domains such as the one above which WAY would you go…

    Picked this domain up from a GD auction and as someone that has a lot of experience with alcoholism I wanted to turn it into a project for myself, still beginning staged but it’s looking real well.

    Turned down a few offers on the domain but it’s now 8+ months and kept going, hired a great agency to get things going.

    Enough “self promotion”, would love to know how much people bought domains and had to decide between a good profit or taking the risk, time and what comes with it to build your own project on the name.

    Some of you got stunning domains, what is holding you back to build a amazing project of your own…

    OR are domains just temporary real-estate for you? BUY_SELL_PROFIT

    Would love to hear some similar stories

    Thank you,
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  2. NickB

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    Nice looking site and nice domain 👌Maybe centralise the main header on the home page?

    Getting a website up and running and keeping it going is a time consuming labour of love.....

    I have one up and running and plan to get a second one up next year.......instead of using any in my portfolio will go out and buy one specifically to develop, its what I did with the first one....

    Had a few half attempts in the past, but stopped when I realised if your going to do it then do it properly instead of just throwing up a few pages.....and plan (and budget) for the long term.....

    Think this is what puts most people off

    They think it is easy money

    They don't budget for content or marketing

    Do no research

    Or they write crap content, build a crap site themselves and think chucking a few ad's up will make them some money....and when it doesn't they stop and the majority give up and never try again......

    YouTube makes everything look so simple 😉
  3. redemo

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    I have 50 names. 30 are listed for sale. 20 are being developed. I'm aiming to earn $ 135 per day in ad revenue from each name. If successful it's one million dollars. For the naysayers the numbers are 1000 visitors per day and each visitor is worth 14 cents in ad revenue. Deon Blundell said "If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it!"
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  4. Nicbro

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    Quality is important. If you can develop even a thousand websites maintaining quality, you should do so.

    Also, no traffic is bad traffic, so just make sure you don't do any black hat practice. Without any black hat practice, content will only increase traffic and traffic will only increase the value of your domain name.

    So yes, develop as many as you can maintaining quality, develop because most people won't.
  5. bmugford

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    I personally would only develop a domain when I have some passion for the field.

  6. FavourB

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    Yeah, I picked up some couple of domains that I would love to build on but ehm I see it as a very big giant and I don't know how,

    So for a stater like me, which domain do you think could be easy for me to start something on?

    I was thinking new to defi, as I could upload easily educational stuff on defi and add
    Some refferal links to other defi websites

    CoinEarners .com

    NewToDefi .com


    PayForMyTime .com
  7. FMy

    FMy Blue Account

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    I'd go for NewToDefi as well. It's very specific, so more suitable for publishing targeted content.
  8. AEProgram

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    This is a very general question because your budget is the biggest factor. Most websites will fail, most businesses will fail, so if you develop a site and your budget is limited for marketing you could end up in a financial mess.

    If you have a really great domain (99.99999% of all domains are not great) in an industry that makes money, you might want to think about development.

    I can't write everything about this here but I will give ideas for those with limited budgets and how it might be worth it (still you will probably lose).

    1. If the name gets traffic from countries like US, Canada, UK etc that are all seeking a specific product or service. Traffic should be a minimum of 200 real human clicks looking for a specific product or service (most domains only get bot traffic).

    2. If you could be an affiliate for a product like it using cj, cb etc or if the cpc for that industry is high, you MIGHT want to develop the site. To test this phase it will cost you under 50 dollars.

    3. If you validated the above item, you could grow things from there.

    I will leave you with a secret SEO tip that changed the lives of some domainers. If you discover that you own a domain called abcdefg is getting 20 real visits a day and they are trickling in from old sites or old articles that are on sites like xyzxyz that show up on google, try ranking those sites higher instead of your own domain.

    It is easier to get google to rank higher an aged more credible domain than a new domain or a domain that hasn't been active with content for a while.

    Once you master this, you could take domains with 20 real daily users (that fit the above criteria) and turn it into 1000 daily users. Obviously this only works for popular terms not for things that only 5 people look for a day.
  9. biggie

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    i agree that budget is a factor,
    there is also, how much time you have to devote to each project
    AND whether or not you have web design skills.

    tried to teach myself html and put up a couple of mini's:

    but, i'd rather sell domains with "development potential" and let the buyers build the website.

  10. jhm

    jhm Glazed

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    Similar thoughts
  11. Established Member

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    Congratulation on your successful venture. Per day 1000 visitors and approx. US$140 is really a good target and a great achievement. I wish if I could make half of that :)

    I started developing few domains (currently 6) three months ago and spent two months in content writing so obviously was not involved much here at NP and last weeks I launched 3 websites successfully. All are very new so it would be premature to comment about traffics and revenue but I am also aspire to generate cash flow enough to meet the annual renewal cost of my portfolio.

    My websites are mainly focusing on tourism, travel and lifestyle as I think in the next 6 months It will again pick up. I am also planning to apply for Adsense and some affiliated link but I am not sure if I can make US$135 per day.

    I will appreciate it if you could share your expertise and experience to gain more traction and also how to get maximum return from the number of visits.
  12. amit chowdhury

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    As a spare time project, to earn solely ad revenue (mainly from google adsense), I started to look out expired domains (previously developed website with traffic) mainly godaddy expired auction.
    I started on Nov 2015. Then there is very little competition in godaddy auctions and very easy to approve the google adsense program. I stopped the process around end of 2019 as competition is too much and godaddy was charging around 18% tax over and above the auction winning price (in India) and google adsense approveal is tough.

    In the meantime, I developed around 70 domains. Till date 25 domains remain & are generating revenue arround $350 per month. basically I did was to go to & find the most traffic pages of each site, and develop a static html page similar. I never update any of the sites after website gone live.( due to time constraints & lack of interest). Now a days if you follow the steps, you will not be approved in any of the ad networks.

    My lifetime ad revenue was around $33k. Last 3 years ad revenue you can see as attached file.(recently google provide only last 3 years revenue).

    Also from 2019 to till sep 2020 ad revenue was declining, (I thought my ad revenue will dry down in end of 2020), but due to COVID pandemic, afterwards ad revenue is steadily picking up.

    Now if you want to develop a site fully, you will have to devote full time.

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  13. redemo

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    I have found some very god ways to generate traffic. 1. Directory. You can create a niche directory website very easily. Example realtor businesses. Each day add 10 businesses to your directory. It's not much work. Maybe 15 or 30 minutes. You really don't need to do much else apart from update the listings or make requested changes you receive by email. One week later your directory will have 70 businesses. One month later your directory will have 300 businesses. One year later your directory will have 3650 businesses. There are so many ways to monetise your directory just google or ask. 2. Calendar. You can create a calendar website of events in one niche. Example vintage car events. very easily. Each day add 10 events to your calendar. Again it's not much work. Maybe 15 or 30 minutes each day. Main tasks like business directory is update the listings or make requested changes you receive by email. One week later your calendar will have 70 events. One month later your calendar will have 300 events. One year later your calendar will have 3650 events. 3. Same format you can do with a listing site for jobs in one niche such as developer jobs. There are ways to buy and find databases so you don't need to manually add all the data. I'm working on that at the moment because the updating can get somewhat tedious and boring sometimes. 4. Another one is courses. You can create a site for niche courses. Examples are cooking courses or language courses. Something else you can try is several of these type of sites all in one niche. Then you have a directory of cooking businesses, plus a calendar of cooking events, plus a listing of cooking jobs, plus a database of cooking courses. You can then interlink your sites to share related traffic (helps customer) or you can merge the four databases and create one super site. These ideas are not difficult. They don't take much of your time and they are profitable.
  14. amit chowdhury

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    June 2021 is going to the best month ever for my adsense earning.
    $926 till date (may reach $1k at the end of the month). also organic traffic also more.

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  15. redemo

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    @amit chowdhury. Great results mate. Thanks for posting. Your click through rate is some days 10 % or 15 %. How did you achieve this high click rate? Your traffic doubles and trebles but your estimated earnings stays roughly the same. Why does this happen? Cheers.
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  16. amit chowdhury

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    Among my existing sites, one is a seasonal site (may to aug & june is the best month). In june I added 2 purchased sites ( from namepros), traffic increase due to those 2 sites (60% of total pageviews), but earning remains almost at same level. In june itself after the latest google update (may-june 2021), my old sites gained most of the lost traffic.
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  17. Donmarick

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    Like Brad said passion in field and idea for a project and of course enough time for it or it will die very fast.

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