events What differences would occur in Chinese Market? MIIT Encourages the Use of Domestic Domain Names

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In The Domain Name Registration Service Market Special Action Policy Interpretation (hereinafter referred as The Interpretation), MIIT stated that the authority of approving the establishment of domain name register service provider has been decentralized to the Communication Administration of Bureau of the local government. Meanwhile MIIT has also published the list of 8 authorized registries and 14 approved gtlds. In the list, the institutes and gtlds are all administrated domestically. The most common Gtlds as .com and .net and foreign domain name registries are all not in the list.

Before, the Internet Research Specialist Mr. Liu at MIIT has told the media that MIIT would take more stringent control of the domain name administration by setting restrictions on the admitting resources and put the website information on record. The MIIT will not allow the register of unapproved new GTLD domain names and will not accept the website record with unapproved new Gtlds. The government is going to secure the network information and domain name resources via the regulation of domain name institutes and market order. Now the administration bureau is in action. The most significant change in the action this time is the change of the requirement in the record information of registries and registrars. For example, whether the institute has set entity within China and the sales of domain names all need to be recorded. This change might exert a significant impact on the domaining industry.

The administration institutes of the most common top level domain names like .com and .net are all located outside China. Their remote administration leads to a big lag between the change and the reaction. It is expectable that the Gtlds could not be in the list in the first time. But the register and DNS will be affected in the status of unapproved.

The .com and .net domain names are already well-known with crowd of users. Their market might not affected by the new policy. But the other new top level domain names like .xyz and .club which are still waiting outside the gate. Missing the chance of being approved also meanings suffering the risked of dropping out of the market. As China is the biggest market of internet, the situation might be not optimistic for them.

On the contrary, the domestic new gtlds applied for the records in time according to the government’s requirement. In the approved 14 top level domain names, almost all of them are labeled as Made in China. .CN domain name is the country code top level domain name. .Wang means the web in Chinese. .Ren means the person. There are also many new top level domain names in Chinese characters. The new policy indicates that the government will support and lead the market to create more opportunity for the domestic domain names.
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Thanks for the info. As I understand, ccTLDs fall into a different category which does not require prior approval from MIIT. Domain registrants of ccTLDs can apply and get ICP licenses to operate their websites.