What are your Domain Selling Strategies?

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  1. Ali001010

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    Hi, Everyone would like to tell us their Domain selling Strategies?
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  2. Joe Nichols

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    Good domain selling strategies begin with (and heavily rely on) good domain buying strategies. Those are developed with time, experience, research, and trial/error.

    You probably won't get much productive feedback on your question, since it's too vague... and people are not often keen to share specific and valuable knowledge that took them years to acquire.

    Instead, tell us about your own strategies (or ask specific questions about something you're trying) and build the discussion around that context.
  3. biggie

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    well said!
    most only focus on selling, but totally ignore the importance of buying the right names

    you want the kind of domain names that "speak for themeselves"
    so you don't have to do a lot of talking for them :)

  4. J Sokol

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  5. Omar Negron

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    First off, you want to make sure your buying good domain names that someone may want to buy immediately or sometime in the future.

    Then you want to make sure you have them on the appropriate sales channels. For me, that means putting it on afternic with a buy it now price because once it's listed there, it goes across various different registrars such as godaddy etc. If someone ever types in that domain looking for it it will come up for sale. Just keep in mind, I would never put something as a buy it now on multiple sales channels. Too risky if someone buys something on one platform then someone buys the same domain on another sales channel. That's why I simply stick to Afternic to list my buy it now price domains across various places.

    Also, make sure you park them with some type of lander on it. I like to use uniregistry. It's free and gets the job done by having people who land on my domain contact me if they are interested in potentially purchasing my domain. Inbound leads are great, not always a guaranteed sale but def better than doing outbound.

    Another thing you can do is test out the auction marketplaces. Flippa, Namejet, Godaddy or even here on Namepros. You probably wont sell it for the price you would an end user but if you're happy with the ROI, then that's all that matters. You'll need to decide if you want to roll with No reserve auctions (risky but more eyeballs) or reserve auctions (less risky, less eyeballs).

    That's pretty much it in a nutshell. The most important part is acquiring good domain names consistently.

    Hope that helps.


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