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    What is it your appraisal for wellness dot cc?
    Thank you for your time!
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  2. usernamex

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    Overall I like it. : smile :

    Personally I am not a fan of CC, however, the strength of your keyword in this case makes that less important. Taken in many ccTLDs and available but Premium if not already taken in ngTLDs

    The Wellness Industry is huge, and many businesses have deep pockets. The easiest outreach I can think of is there must be thousands of COMs with wellness in the name that would love a more "Vanity" looking name as an upgrade. The CC could stand for Country Club so also look for wellness country club. ZFBot is a great place to start.

    Many good sales, some of the higher ones might be a good pitch, as a compliment to the name they already have.
    https://namebio.com/?s=ANxQzM4kTO (Full List)

    Just sales >$1000 and newer than 2015
    infinitewellness.com 1,530 USD 2016-12-11 GoDaddy
    mentalwellnesstoday.com 5,977 USD 2016-12-09 GoDaddy
    wellnesseveryday.com 1,277 USD 2016-11-04 DropCatch
    wellness.global 4,800 USD 2016-07-29 DotGlobal
    motherearthwellness.com 1,088 USD 2016-07-08 BuyDomains
    passporttowellness.com 1,602 USD 2016-05-20 BuyDomains
    workplacewellnesssolutions.com 1,300 USD 2016-05-20 BuyDomains
    iwellness.com 1,580 USD 2016-03-01 GoDaddy
    wellnesscoaching.com 1,120 USD 2015-10-18 SnapNames
    skinwellness.com 15,000 USD 2015-10-08 Sedo
    edenwellness.com 1,300 USD 2015-08-17 BuyDomains
    4wellness.com 2,409 USD 2015-07-24 Sedo
    loveyourwellness.com 2,800 USD 2015-07-17 BuyDomains
    wellnessfoods.com 1,204 USD 2015-07-14 DropCatch
    pawellness.com 1,416 USD 2015-06-26 BuyDomains
    wellnesscertified.com 1,200 USD 2015-06-26 BuyDomains
    wellness.is 1,142 USD 2015-05-18 Sedo

    My opinion is you could get low $X,XXX with a reasonable outbound effort, and if you were willing to put in more time or wait for the right end-user upward to mid $X,XXX

    Nice catch!
  3. campurile

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    Thank you for your input! I was thinking at high $X,XXX but all the time is better to hear another opinion.
  4. ben pedri

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    400-3000 if someone wants the domain and it comes down to .this .that .horse .space ,this is probably the best option next to .com .net .org and .info
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