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Introducing *W3DNA and its advantages

*W3DNA protocol is an NFT domain currently on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Polygon, with other EVM-compatible chains to be added in the coming days. The domain provides its users with a domain, name, and account (DNA) in Web3. The platform enables clients to access a decentralized website in any language or symbol, a username, and an identity for Web3 apps and Web3 accounts to receive their cryptocurrencies and chain.


The NFT domain gives clients a username usable in Web3 apps and an account to receive payments in crypto and chain. The username allows owners to get an identity and store their avatar and other profile data, which they can use in *W3DNA and Web3 services such as social networks, decentralized messenger, and more.

Launched in 2022, *W3DNA claims to reinvent domains by providing the first-ever domain without extension. Unlike traditional domains, *W3DNA allows users to ‘teleport’ from point A to B eliminating unnecessary steps. This is made possible because the *W3DNA domains are in the form of NFTs. *W3DNA technology uses smart contracts eliminating all the work done in Web2, such as the registry and hosting. The absence of a governing body means that no one can delete or take away the domain except in exceptional cases that the whole network can vote on. This gives users freedom of creativity free from any limitation.

The *W3DNA domains can be adapted in three ways: by installing the *W3DNA browser or adding an extension to the user’s browser. The last option entails waiting until the *W3DNA team can negotiate with other browsers to have the *W3DNA script library by default. Notably, each domain name created cannot be changed. It will not be possible to register the same domain with a mix of letters from different alphabets or with punctuation marks.

Another advantage of the *W3DNA domains is that they can be registered in any language. Users can opt to register their domain in hieroglyphs, any language, symbols such as the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters, Arabic script, or emojis. This can be done with no extension and length limits. Traditionally, extensions have brought several problems to users, especially easy targets to scammers. Scammers can take a user’s name to create other domains using different extensions to dupe clients. The extension also shows that a user belongs to a specific organization, limiting a user’s creativity.

As mentioned earlier, with *W3DNA, a user mints their NFT domain only once on three chains: ETH, BSC, and Polygon, saving time and protecting users against errors. The *W3DNA team plans to add more EVM chains in the coming days. In addition, there are no renewal fees with *W3DNA domains. A user only pays once and owns the domain forever.

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W3DNA reinvented NFT domains offering only top level domains (TLDs). Now everyone has the opportunity to be the one in Web3. The only *Vitalik, *John or *Mike.