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    The Road to Beta

    Six months ago, our CEO Brendan Blumer, and CTO Dan Larimer, went on a bit of a rant in a packed Washington D.C. auditorium. The subject? The state of social media.

    Well, it wasn’t really a “rant.” It was more of a multi-movement oratory spanning the subprime mortgage crisis, the evolution of blockchain, and social psychology.

    But it all boiled down to this:

    Social media is broken. Designed to use us, our data and attention is harvested into trillion dollar profits for large corps, big tech, banks, and Wall Street interests, while we struggle to protect ourselves against the consequences of having our attention auctioned to anonymous parties, and our personal information traded on the open market. This misalignment of interest between us and the platforms we once trusted continues to increasingly expose us to data profiling, identity theft, cyberbullying, and persuasive misinformation. It’s never been more difficult to know what is real amongst the growing sea of manufactured propaganda intended to manipulate our thoughts and control our behavior.

    And that’s why we’re so focused on Voice: a blockchain-powered social network that rewires the formula in users’ favor—cutting out the opaque one-sided data auctioneering, eliminating the hidden algorithms, and cycling value back into users’ hands in the form of the Voice Token. Voice Tokens are earned by being you, and expressing your voice; they possess the utility of attention, and can be used to elevate content in different ways throughout the ecosystem. In other words, we believe Voice is social as it should be—where what’s good for the platform is also good for you.

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