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    Hey everyone, I've been buying up some names, some are so-so but some of them have potential to sell to an end-user, I just want to make sure my names are visible in any place those end users might be looking.

    I created an account on Sedo and listed some names there, I created an account on Afternic and listed some there, same goes for Efty.

    Now it seems like they all have marketplaces where you can sell your names, and it seems like I'm able to list on multiple ones at once, and the difference comes down to which one I switch my nameservers to and allow to take the emails / calls to sell it.

    I haven't tried adding a domain to multiple marketplaces yet, is that allowed? Does the commission go to whichever one the sale originates from? If someone contacts me privately through whois instead of through one of the broker sites, is it good etiquette to still give them a commission, and if so, how would I choose which one it goes to? The one I'm parked at?

    I also have some names that are short catchy brands, I plan to try those out on Flippa (or another auction site) because I didn't spend much on them and I'd rather get a quick flip instead of waiting for thousands from an end user in these cases. Besides flippa, any other auction houses with high visibility?

    To sum it up, so far I'm on

    - Namepros ;)
    - Sedo
    - Afternic
    - Efty

    Can you recommend any other places I should get my names listed for maximum visibility? I know it's a bit of a "hurry up and wait" once I've contacted potential end users via outreach, but while I'm sitting passively I want to make sure I've laid as much groundwork as possible.
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    godaddy auctions, sedo, afternic, namejet (if you can get accepted).

    Most important is to get the proper landing pages for your domains with 'buy now' or 'make an offer' - sedo & undeveloped are ok... but you should really think about creating your own website landing pages for each domain and negotiating offers directly yourself if you want the most money... or if you have valuable domains just go to a broker and pay the 15% commissions if you don't have time...
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    Don't forget the most obvious: exposure is not the problem.
    If end users aren't looking for a domain like yours, then you won't make sales.

    If they are interested in a domain, then they will visit it first to see if it's in use, so you just have to park it somewhere or use your own placeholder page with a for sale sign and a contact form.
  4. DomainVP

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    This is by far the best solution.

    Using your own contact forms allows you to skip paying the commissions that marketplaces expect you to pay.
  5. SpareDomains

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    I've always used my own sites sales pages. Lead comes in I have name, email, phone, ip etc... research the buyer, negotiate based on lead intel and if successful generate a payoneer escrow invoice and deals and funds transfer wrapped up quick.

    I list everything at Sedo, Afternic, DomainNameSales etc... as well but 90%+ of all of my sales since 2003 have happened direct as that's where my domains lead the buyer so I haven't donated much commission to outside aftermarkets that don't really do much except bury your domains in a sea of millions and steal your leads to sell their own portfolio or another domainers domain. Anonymous leads are horrible for negotiations as it's a blind lead.

    Don't wanna get into your own site/sales pages my vote would currently go to Bodis sales pages as same buyer info gets passed and no charge to use them. I closed 1 last week for $642 profit and have another one today currently at $1200+ profit but won't sell at that price gonna try to work it up more into the $2000-$3000 profit range as it's a decent domain and an end user inquiring.

    So for me I'd probably rank the free options first...

    #1 Your own sales page
    #2 Bodis sales page
    #3 Uniregistry sales page set to self broker

    If willing to pay a monthly fee or commission then can look at...

    Efty (interesting if ya need management software, personally I already have that so my own sales pages or Bodis sales pages achieve sales without a recurring monthly fee, monthly fee is low though so good for some that need that complete overview rolled up into 1 product)
    Undeveloped (don't like anonymous leads or giving away 15% but the leasing option is interesting, Can create your own agreement through an escrow service though)

    My own sales pages have produced the most sales and recently I've tested Bodis as my testing never ends and Bodis has produced sales for me. Few tweaks I've suggested to them...

    1) Being able to set a minimum bid to kill extreme lowball offers.

    2) Optional email confirmation so after a buyer submits an offer they have to click a link in a verification email to confirm their offer.

    3) Domain capitalization so each keyword gets highlighted in multiple word domains.

    that haven't happened yet but I do have completed sales there without those changes happening yet. Leasing option wouldn't be a bad suggestion as well.

    Done rambling :ROFL:
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    I'm using Bodis too and I like your suggestions you made to them! Thanks!
  7. Peak.Domains

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    Some great tips here, thanks a lot, I'm glad I asked!
  8. End Game

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    What I'm doing is listing most of my domains on godaddy premium. I get to list them for free, but have to pay commission if it sells thru them. That way, with every exact keyword search that matches my domain, my domain is displayed for sale. Because I have to pay a commission, I list my godaddy price the highest. Then I list my domains on efty, with a few landing pages, but most on their main efty market page. Because they take no commission, I list the price lower there. I'm hoping efty will do some upgrading, so I can get my main site OMG Domains com indexed. It will be harder to get a buyer there without marketing, but at least most of my domains will be listed in one place. Then, I park most of the same domains at parking crew and voodoo. My last sale did come from a link on voodoo, but parking crew pays better. I'm mostly focused on end users, but discount my names below what I think is fair value. This market is always changing, so looking for any tips also.
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  9. tldboss

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    Thank you for sharing and OP for asking. I started a few days to list on afternic.

    I always list on uniregistry and use efty marketplace.

    Working on my own site; bit busy at the moment so the site will take time to complete.

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