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  1. Mahogany

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    Ive been out of domaining for a while and had this one tucked away to add to my IM online income stream but never got around to this one... And with a kid, I really don't have the time for developing much nowadays.

    Any opinions on if this is worth trying to actively sell?
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  2. fattails

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    Could go for anything in that region i think.
  3. idomainappraisal

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    Who has a video camera today?

    It's all smartphone videos

    I had a cam from early 80's until a few years ago, now the quality of smartphones is equal to most cams from not long ago.



    You missed the window to sell this beauty few years back and 10 years ago it would have made you nice change,

    I'd put mid xxx to low xxxx reseller just for a newb thinking it means money

    End user, well I don't see any really, video cams are now part of people's phones

    So an end user would be HARD to find, but some newb would love to have it so yeah it's something that could sell on sedo or flippa, it looks good, but the name was worth way more when you have way more products and users selling and buying them

    Too bad, it was a good name a while ago, it's still good, but for reasons above, I think end users would be hard to find but newb domainers would think they got gold and pay something

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