UK Creative Ideas Limited wins rights to .Art: Predicts 25k-80k reg in year 1. Possible?

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    The new gTLD .Art has been settled by private auction.
    The string was schedule to go to an ICANN Last Resort later this month.
    UK Creative Ideas Limited has won the right to operate the .Art new gTLD, beating out 9 other applicants including Donuts, Minds + Machines, Uniregistry and Top Level Designs.

    The registry in its application said the total number of registration would be difficult to predict but forecasted something between 25K-80K domain registrations in the first year.

    Source: The Domains

    Do you think it will manage this number of registrations?
    How do you find this gTLD, considering that there were 10 applicants for this one - Special / Normal / Just another in the lot / Poor gTLD?
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    The number of registrations will depend on the domain pricing. If they price it very competitive - say $5, they can cross 25K registrations easily in first year.

    IMO .Art extension has limited scope (artistic community) but of-course far better scope than .ooo and .xyz

    I am interested to know how much did UK Creative Ideas pay to get this extension rights.
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    From the data we have, short extensions look like winners: CLUB, NYC, WORK, GURU, TIPS

    ART fits right in there but I dont see it getting to 80k. Maybe 20. It's a little late to the game and there are not so many people with an interest in art who also would care enough to register a domain for it for $30. Artsy people usually dont have a high income, so the pricing is important.

    If it sells for $5-$10, then yes, we will see 50k. If it sell for $16-20, then we may see 30k and if it sells for more than $25, we will see only 15-20k.

    The operators predictions were all wrong so they have to work with less income and cut costs wherever possible to make these profitable. They also need to remove premium prices and reduce renewal fees to $16 max.

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