Trademark UDRP threat turned into $1000 sale.

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    AND second.

    The developer during our first conversation told me since the property was on the corner that they instead of the address I already registered wanted to go with the other main street as it was a more popular street.

    So I Googled what that other address would be. and of course idiot. Registered that.

    I'm sure you can figure out how pissed the developer was when I told them I also owned that other address.

    soon after they said they were "not interested".

    then a lawyer contacted me.

    I had a chat with the lawyer.

    Nice guy.

    I told him I asked for $2,500 for the first address. and the second address I was giving for free. which technically made each domain $1,250.

    He said that was fair given that taking me to court would cost more. So he talked to his client and came back with $1000 for both.

    To be honest I got lucky. So I took it.

    Technically. Complainant could have just said screw you cybersquatter see you in court.

    But I did point out that both addresses were common and there were examples of both addresses all over the USA.

    and that Unregistered trademarks do not provide protection cross borders. and since the domains had generic blank landing pages with no income generation.

    The most they could probably get was the domains and that's it. Not the $100,000 the lawyer was threatening.

    The domains were not diluting their unregistered trademark in anyway.

    Glad it went this way. Although I was ready to concede defeat and surrender the domains with no compensation.

    First domain registered 2019-03-16
    Second domain registered 2019-03-25

    Both are officially sold $1000 for both. So $500 for each basically.
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    unethical *squatter*
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    This sort of thing depends on the size of the company. The larger more established companies may sue you notwithstanding the cost, just to draw the line and make an example of you.

    This is without regards to analyzing your particular facts and whether or not they have a case. You do this so often that it's not worth spending the time to analyze.
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    Nothing to be proud of.
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    bROOOooooOOoOOOO no.

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