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discuss Trademark issues with meta and metaverse



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The phobia most "experts" here have about FB lawyers knocking on doors of alleged trademark violators in the middle of the night is too much. If we follow their advice, we won't even register our own names. We all understand the risks involved in this business, and some of us have a higher risk appetite, while others are risk averse. Any investment carries a certain level of risk. Of course, we shouldn't be reckless, but we can if in our estimation we can afford the risk. So, all this talk about some of us "wasting" money on meta and metaverse is getting a triffle annoying. Why can't everyone stay on their lane. Some will make money, others won't; and that's just how life is!


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Now that FB has completely shifted to Meta (even WhatsApp shows WhatsApp from Meta), isn't it risky people still registering Meta and Metaverse domains?

USPTO clearly shows META trademark owned by Facebook. And metaverse contains the word "Meta" so risky.

Even buyers of so many Meta domains can face legal claims.

Correct me if I am wrong.
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why we are only focusing on facebooks meta,
there is a concept called metaverse
and meta is a root word , if the copyrights are whatever can strongly protect the word meta,
then there are already other companies that branded their business as meta, even before facebook , if those copyrights are that strong , then that could stopped facebook from taking again that name ?

meta is a very generic name , imagine someone branded their brand as HEALTHY
and do you fear registering HEALTHYDIET , or HEALTHYLIVING or even

correct me if iam wrong ,
as I had posted in another thread:

Let's stop spreading FUD once and for all.
FB does not exclusively own the word "meta", and thus no "meta+keywords" are affected.
There are multiple pre-existing trademarks on just "meta" alone.
Also, meta is a common prefix like metadata.

That's like trademarking "Uni" and then claiming infringement by Universal, Univision, Unicorn etc.
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