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Among online marketplaces that provide premium aged domains, Odys Global has become a favorite, already appreciated by top SEOs and niche website builders. There's a reason for that. Odys Marketplace features aged domains with high SEO value, clean history, and hundreds of quality backlinks each and houses tens of thousands of members.

What Makes Odys so Special?​

With their unique offering, not only will you find premium domains but actually aged domains designed to put your business at the forefront of your particular niche. Those members that have already purchased from Odys Global speak about their experience out loud. Just go to Trustpilot – 96% of the reviewers consider our services excellent.

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Each domain that makes it to the Odys Marketplace goes through due diligence to make sure that it wasn’t used for malicious activity, has clean history free of penalties, and has high-quality backlinks that will instantaneously take your site to the first lines in search results.

What about the Inventory? What Types of Domains Does It Have?​

With Odys, you can find a variety of powerful SEO domains across over 50 industries, all of which are perfect for starting a niche site, expanding your affiliate marketing projects, or even building an entire brand from scratch. Some of the most popular niches in the industry as well as on Odys are Tech, Health, Gardening, and Marketing.

What About the Results? Do Aged Domains Really Boost Site Ranking?​

Story #1: An SEM Agency Built Its Brand Using an Aged Domain​

James is the founder of Straight Up Search, a search marketing agency with six employees and 15 clients in the UK. As he searched for any brandable websites that would enhance his business, he discovered the Odys Marketplace.
The most appealing aspect of Odys had to be the quality and variety of domains on offer. When Jamie found a brandable domain that matched his search criteria, he purchased it, which turned out to be an excellent investment for his brand.
Jamie strongly believes that this is a pretty strong case for building an SEO-driven site on an aged domain. The domain is treated very favourably by Google, even in its early days.


For now, Jamie is basically trying to push the site as far as he can and get it ranked properly for the targeted keywords. He’s really looking forward to building out the client base and developing a strong portfolio of sites. Read this post for more information about his case study.

Story #2: Using the Power of Aged Domains to Build a Website​

Yusuke Kohara has been doing SEO for around 7 years and runs a couple of niche websites as a side hustle. Through the SEO community, he discovered Odys and decided to give it a try, buying the first aged domain.

On top of that, he trusted Odys and followed their advice regarding rebuilding the old pages of the domain and implementing their recommendations regarding monetization. After that, he just kept publishing lots of content consistently. Now, his website gets around 2,000 daily visitors and makes over $8000 a month.
Aged domains saved him a lot of money he would have had to spend on link building: "Did I ever build a link?". No, I did not. I just used the power of Odys’s domain with high quality, high authority, and niche relevant backlinks profiles to outrank my competitors!”
His story clearly shows that Odys domains are profitable investments. Go here for more details.

Story #3: Selling a Website Built on an Aged Domain for $100K​

From early on, Ben realized that starting with a new domain was extremely hard and it would take too long to grow. “Starting on a new domain is actually setting yourself up to fail” he said. This was when he discovered Odys and that’s how his story started.
“When I bought my first domain, I was inexperienced and didn’t know what I was doing. I initially thought the domain was bad. The CEO of Odys, Alex Drew, told me, ‘No it’s not, you need to do this instead.’ I bothered the heck out of him with newbie style questions and still no matter how many questions I asked, Odys was always there to guide me. This domain is now my most profitable one.”
After buying from Odys, Ben realized that scaling his websites took 25% of the time that it would have taken him to do so with a brand new domain. So he started expanding his business. “Right now, I have 18 or 19 people working for me. 5 of them are full time. It takes a lot of work.”

He said that he was still getting started and about to buy many more domains in the future.
“I actually sold my business on my birthday. January 26th. It’s funny too, well actually insanely wreckless, I quit my job I had on the same day I sold my website. But I actually quit before knowing my business would ever even sell. Four hours after I got off work, i had a voicemail saying my site had sold at full list price of $103k”

screenshot proof

As they put it at Odys Global, their domains mean business. This is a bold statement and the stories described above show that it’s true. The Odys Marketplace is full of brandable, premium aged domains in who-knows-how-many niches. And they sell like hotcakes.

Request access to the marketplace to browse Odys Global’s aged domain inventory.

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