TM refused?what does this mean?

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    So the trademark below is for Lifi Beacon.
    Status is Refused with a date of 2015-03-13.

    What does this mean? Why would this be refused? And does that mean anyone can use the mark "Lifi Beacon" or not?

    Or does the application date stand?

    013290952 - LIFI BEACON

    Status: Application refused (2015-03-13)
    Serial number of the application
    Date of filing of the application
    Language(s) of the application
    Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters
    Indication relating to the nature or kind of mark
    Indication relating to the nature or kind of mark
    Name and address of the applicant
    10-12 Avenue de l'Europe, VELIZY VILLACOUBLAY (78140) FR
    Indication to the effect that the mark has acquired distinctiveness through use in trade
    The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (Nice Classification) and the list of goods and services classified according thereto
    Appareils pour l'enregistrement du son; Supports d'enregistrement magnétiques; Supports d'enregistrement numériques; Supports d'enregistrement magnétiques vierges; Supports d'enregistrement magnétiques et électroniques; Tubes de transmission; Appareils de transmission optique numérique; Appareils de transmission de données; Appareils de transmission d'images; Appareils pour la transmission de communications; Appareils pour la transmission de signaux; Dispositifs électroniques pour la transmission de signaux audio; Dispositifs de transmission de signaux à commande multiple.
    Éléments d'éclairage; Accessoires d'éclairage; Accessoires d'éclairage électrique; Dispositifs d'éclairage; Dispositifs d'éclairage pour vitrines; Appareils d'éclairage fluorescents; Rails d'éclairage [appareils d'éclairage]; Appareils d'éclairage décoratifs électriques; Appareils et installations d'éclairage; Appareils d'éclairage fixés au mur; Appareils d'éclairage à fixer au plafond; Appareils d'éclairage à diodes électroluminescentes [DEL].
    Services d'informations en matière de télécommunications; Services de communications audio; Services de communication sans fil; Services de communication de données; Services de communications électroniques pour la transmission de données; Services de diffusion et de communications interactifs; Services de communications pour la transmission d'informations; Services de connexions de télécommunications à des réseaux informatiques mondiaux

    Translation below.

    9Appliances for sound recording; Magnetic recording media; Digital recording media; Blank magnetic recording media; Magnetic and electronic recording media; Transmission tubes; Digital optical transmission apparatus; Data transmission apparatus; Image transmission apparatus; Apparatus for the transmission of communications; Apparatus for signal transmission; Electronic devices for transmitting audio signals; Multiple control signal transmission devices.11Lighting elements; Lighting accessories; Electric lighting accessories; Lighting devices; Lighting devices for shop windows; Fluorescent lighting apparatus; Lighting rails [lighting apparatus]; Decorative decorative lighting apparatus; Lighting apparatus and installations; Wall mounted lighting apparatus; Luminaires for ceiling mounting; Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting apparatus .38Technical information services relating to telecommunications; Audio communications services; Wireless communication services; Data communication services; Electronic communications services for the transmission of data; Broadcasting and interactive communications services; Communications services for the transmission of information; Telecommunications connection services to global computer networks.
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    ^^^^^ That's why. There are usually some other documents on file with more details.
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    So.....I admit I'm slow lol does this mean this TM is nothing? I don't even know why there is a record of this over at wipo.

    Never seen this before usually it's either a a live TM or a dead one like on USPTO.

    Is this wipo's way of showing a "dead" TM like at USPTO?

    So lifi beacon is free to use?

    On a different subject. I've noticed some websites will put a "TM" or (R) next to their two or three word company name but when you check USPTO their TM does not exist. Then you find out it's only the last word in their company name that's TM not the whole two or three word name.

    Very tricky.
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    There are. It was an EU application which was refused under Article 7(1)(b) and 7(1)(c).

    It's all explained here:

    However, it should be bleedingly obvious why it wasn't registered, but Avtar is going to continue the fixation with databases and ignore what a trademark, fundamentally, is about.

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