Thousands download fake GoDaddy app in Google Play store

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    GoDaddy is suing unknown creator of fake GoDaddy app.

    A fake GoDaddy app was available in the Google Play store earlier this month and GoDaddy believes that thousands of people downloaded the app.

    The app, called GoDaddy Mobile, was available in the store from December 12 to December 15. GoDaddy informed Google of the app on December 15 and it was quickly removed.

    This is the listing in the store for the fake app:


    The description stated:

    “[w]e are happy to introduce cPanel App for you webmasters powered by GoDaddy. You can also access your Account Products using the ‘My Account’ section from the slider!”

    People who downloaded the app left negative reviews for it and didn’t realize it was not a real GoDaddy app.

    The article was published on Domain Name Wire
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    Just wondering who made that app and how many data they got..

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