This Guy Paid Me +$300 More, Thanks to Him !

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    Hello Guys,

    i would like to tell you a short story ^_^

    few weeks ago i needed an urgent cash, so i've made a deal with @aceeca for a very valuable domain.
    at the beginning, he tried to negotiate as usual. and i was very honest with him about my cash needs.

    I asked for $2.5k, He offered $1.5k. and i countered with $2k offer.
    but the $2k was higher than his budget, so he apologized nicely and he went offline for 2 days.

    regards the urgent cash needs, i reduced the asking price for him again to $1.8k, but he was offline still. so i reduced the price to $1.5k to meet his offer to get a fast cash.

    the good part happened when @aceeca came back online, he apologized for the late reply regards 'emergency'. and he paid me $1,800 in case of i agreed for the $1,500

    i don't see that everyday here in the forum or anywhere else !

    Please, try to support each other like what @aceeca did with me ! .. Just don't act like the guys whom telling me that "We Don't Bid on Reserve Price Auctions" to not help the other resellers to reach good prices for their names with no matter of killing the sale of the seller !! or even with no matter of letting the seller lose money !!

    There is no sense or ethics of acting like "If i don't hunt your name for cheap price, I will never join your auction and i will make sure to try to kill your sale" ! .. or like "Yes, I don't like to help another reseller as long as i don't make profit" ! ... or like "Oh Ya, I don't bid on reserve price auctions. Because its secured auctions for you" !

    i am really grateful to @aceeca and i will be glad to do business with him again anytime.

    Respect is really more important than Money.

    Support each other !
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