The Unveiling...

The brand new Radio NamePros website is finally done!!

After weeks of long hours and amazing dedication from
Hive and bluetrendz the all new Radio NamePros version 2.0 is live! Somehow thank you just doesn't seem to cut it when it comes to the work that these two have done. WOW!!

Through the website you can now access all the old shows, as well as the new ones that are in the works as they become available.

There will also be a "live" Holiday show that everyone will be able to enjoy throughout the Holiday Party here at NamePros, tentative date has been set for December 21st. More details will be announced by RJ.

So check out the new site www.RadioNamePros.com, let us know what you think of it!


Graphic Web Designer
My IE is totally screwed up! lol so im not sure..whtz the problem. seems like..its probably the .hta access but not sure.

Just sent a pm to blue about this issue! :)

Problems in IE are fine, IE is a steaming pile of poo anyway.

:lol: :lol: ppl are still usin it :)

Looks great, glad Hive got the connections issue resolved in time to upload the site

oh yea!!! everything is fine now :)

- Hive :]