The pecking order of domain investing – “No holds barred”

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    I decided to write an unbiased article last night covering the pecking order of domain investing. It's a basic outline and summary of the different stages of a domain investor (Start to finish). I wasn't able to find a resource anywhere, so I created my own.
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  2. Kate

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    Off topic: I like the tagline: If you don't take your brand seriously, why should anyone else
  3. platey

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    Great article it should be your homepage

    (off topic) lol pleased to see you back on here hoping things are starting to get better for you and yours

    Back to article

    On the 7 questions in your article

    I am a beginner / coat tail

    2 haven't got a clue although to be fair I do have a strategy of sorts in place

    3 no

    4 wait

    5 yes

    6 still waiting

    7 still waiting

    A couple of different investing strategies I like

    1 Warren buffet eg buy parts of good quality businesses and I think I'm right in that the whole businesses he owns he has never sold eg he was happy owning them and watched the profits roll in continually


    2 i watch a day trader on Youtube and and day trading is flipping trades daily

    And his advice is along the lines of

    If you can't afford to lose your initial investment day trading is the last place to put the investment you can't afford to lose - eg the general gist

    Which is right because you would be trading with the wrong mindset eg needing to make a profit and not trading in the right frame of mind

    So true as you'd need to sit back and read the market before investing

    Eg the stockmarket and domain name market are similar as they both require investment and investment strategies etc

    But every day the market changes just like the road eg reading the road it will be the same road tomorrow the week after the year after etc but it has to be read each time before you move your vehicle as different obstacles appear within seconds

    Just like the stockmarket prices and the domain name market
  4. biggie

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    well written Eric

    the stages are pretty much spot-on

  5. DefinitelyDomains

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    Great article...

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