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The good, the bad and the ugly – The Domain Industry

Located in Reviews started by equity78, Dec 12, 2019.


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    We have been running a series for a few years, The good, the bad and the ugly” An opportunity for readers to discuss what they like and don’t like about a particular company in the domain space. In this post give your thoughts on the whole domain industry. What is not allowed: Personal attacks on individuals at the chosen companyPromoting a competitorPosting domains for sale … [Read more...]
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  2. platey

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    The domain name industry has evolved in to a Gtld era much to the annoyance of those that hold portfolios of. Com stock

    But the domain name industry isn't going back to a pre 1995 era although that said the domain name industry changed beyond all recognition in approx
    January 2014 but refusal to adopt change means Gtld bargains were being bought for reg fee

    There is a need for domain name pawnbrokers to add liquidity to domain name investors portfolios

    At some point Godaddy should become a digital bank and lend against its valuations of domain names owned by domain name investors so that they can use digital collateral to pay off traditional debt

    Either that or for Godaddy to guarantee the value of domain names as collateral to a bank so that people can refinance their financial situation using digital asset loans etc thus providing further digital infrastructure

    Namescon should offer a domain name pawnbroker service in austin
  3. pablohc86

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    i'm ready to buy for 1$ all the boring single word .com in English language, not ending with ED, ing....

    I can offer also few bucks more for any LL.com or CC.com.... those are very boring XD
  4. BrandCollectors.com

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    Hippopod.com - bored?)
  5. pablohc86

    pablohc86 Top Member VIP

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    nope.. that domain not bore me as much to make me pay 1$ for it XD

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