The Death of Domaining?

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  1. Avtar629

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    Nice title right? Lol

    Ok so you guys know I'm connected to over 16k users on LinkedIn.

    One of them said something to the effect that SEO I dead in the next 5 years.

    I wonder how this affects Domaining?

    Will it it kill domaining ?

    Basically he pointed out that in the future SEO is dead because of VOICE SEARCH AND VOICE RESPONSEs.

    I don't really get it nor can explain it so just visit his link below.

    Very interesting.

    Or just read below.

    "I had to leave SEO it's a commodity. I thought we could be different, Google AMP could save the space and make mobile SEO shine. And then it happened.. A big AMP project came along over $100,000 contract. We would need to hire more developers. We would need to double down on marketing. But I could not do it. This path would lock me up for the next 5 to 7 years. It did not excite me. It terrified me. We declined the contract. I had to dig deep into my thinking. Why did it terrify me, what was wrong with being in SEO the next five years? It's a shrinking market. SEO as we know it will be completely different in 5 years. It will be over taken by voice. Why would we shed blood sweat and years of our life that will lose to voice in 5 years? We won't and that's why I am joining AlphaVoice. The Fastest growing set of marketing tools for Audio and Video Content Publishers. We help you and your brand experiment quickly in the voice space. We can make you Alexa enabled in 15 minutes with a skill out in days not weeks. Voice Apps and Voice Search will defeat traditional SEO and brands will have to evolve. A genuine conversation with customers is coming. Will your Brand Voice be heard?"
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  2. alcy

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    well what else do yuo expect him to babble about if this is his field of work and career choice now at alphavoice or wahtrever its called
  3. wwwweb

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    Blah blah blah same crowd first it was Facebook twitted, then apps, now this, .com etc are pricing higher than ever, and wholesale price auctions have more comp than ever.
  4. Furquah

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    He is nothing but self promoting his so called "Alpha Voice" company. I hope he get some real client with cheap marketing.
  5. bobbarato

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    You figure the voice input is converted to text and then used as the search seed/string...can't see this changing any time soon...

    To be fair to the voice tech pimp, SEO probably will be very different in 5 years just as it was different 5 years ago...

    Many reverse engineer SEO for fun and profit and google et al have to revise the rules.
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  6. FPForum

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    As others have said..sounds more like a promotion to me than anything seriously threatening.
  7. winst

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    Every business needs a name. Every name needs a website and/or an email address. Every smartphone needs as email address for an account. Every social media account needs an email address. Every email address needs a domain name.

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