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    Domain name:
    Minimum asking price: $25
    Registrar: Dynadot
    Renewal date: 6/13/2020
    Renewal price: $8.99
    Payment options: Escrow, Paypal

    Description: This domain name is highly Brandable and it has Two highly searched keywords combined into one making the domain name, Marketable. The target niche is focused on the pet industry but it can be brandable in other niches. I created Custom Logos to show examples of how the domain will look if it were a business or a blogging website. The possibilities are Endless with this Versatile domain name!

    What's included?
    • The domain name
    • All three logos
    Buy it Now Price: You can send me a personal message

    Comparable Sales:
    • telemedicines($2,000)
    Here are the logos below:
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