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Domaining is such a longtail biz the product outlives the owners, so annual predictions are not worth much. And, the reactive nature of domainers predicting where some domain crumbs may fall off trending marketplace tables speaks volumes about how dependent domainers have become on 'getting lucky'. Which explains why so few domains sell, or even earn their keep.

This sad state of affairs has been in a rinse-and-repeat cycle since the early Paid Search days, nearly 20 years ago now, when 'parking', in spite of its ills, paid-out across the board. Domainers then, and now, have not adapted well to the Paid Social ad platform era either, so fell farther behind... and waiting on crumbs to fall became normalized.

With this failed Search and Social domainer legacy in mind, another 'S' advertising platform is more than trending, its kicking Search and Social in the ass -as both have seriously stumbled in advertisers eyes... with ads campaigns being pulled from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and the user base is dispersing... or getting out all together.

SmartTV is the hot, new, digital platform that is literally 'hiding in plain site'... because its a TV --connected to the web, so it occupies the 'dumb monitor' space. While Smart / Connected TV (CTV) has been around for a decade or so, the technology has advanced so much Broadcast Network TV is merging with online TV, and it has spawned an army of connected TV apps.

So not only is Smart-Connected TV destined to take over the web, but with Broadcast (NextGen) TV on the platform it will take over the world as folks who don't even have a web connection can now tune-into the web over-the-air, on 'data casting' sub-channels embedded into broadcast TV signals.

Most importantly, this is where the money is going... as the business community is getting onboard FAST.
2019 saw a $7 Billion ad spend. 2022 had a $22 Billion. This is projected to more than double in 3 years.


Business is onboard not only because TV is the biggest canvas, is more secure, and brand / consumer safe, but the eyeballs are there.

87% of U.S. households own at least one internet-connected TV

70% of TVs sold around the world are Connected TVs

Connected TV Viewers:
49.6 million are Gen Z
60.5 million are Millennials
51 million are Gen X
33.1 million are Baby Boomers

These numbers are expected to continue rising for Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen Xers. Different generations also spend different amounts of time with Connected TV, with 18 to 34-year-olds spending the most time, at 82 minutes every day.

And, advertisers love that Smart / CTV is instantly measurable with built-in program guides and web browsers.

This is where domainers have their last best opportunity to take a seat at the table.

Smart / CTV Viewer Measurement Metrics:

Platform: linear TV and digital TV/video.
Geography: national and local TV.
Publisher: head, middle and long-tail.
Frequency: optimal level of exposure.
Duration: time frame of campaign to achieve goal.

Notice something missing?
We could add; Namespace: Local-Global -- under Geography.

This would extend the reach of an ad beyond a geo-space to the contextual global DNS Namespace.

So a video ad for drones, for example, would also be seen on all, or select, drone domains in the network... with a rev share going to all drone domain owners in the namespace network, with added payouts for click-to-buy transactions, for the product advertised, as well for the digital goods and services programming featured on the domain 'shopping channel'.

Beyond that, a measurable, demonstrable, income value would make each name a liquid asset and drive more sales.

I'll resist my campaign pitch pivot at this point, with this post, other than to say outreach has begun to major domain holders, and I truly hope domainers will no longer be satisfied with crumbs, and get proactive to take back our a seat at the table.

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Interesting strategy Eye.


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Yes, TV viewing is alive and well. But for us simpletons, what are you saying? We all produce television ads?

Generally, when commercials come onto the telly, is when I leave to go pee, or grab a snack. When advertisers interrupt my viewing during non-commercial breaks, such as pop-ups, rest assured their product will never see my wallet opened.

Who is going to watch a "domain shopping channel"? Other domainers?

Most advertising nowadays is intrusive, should go the way of the dinosaur.
Broadcast TV is actually on the decline in terms of ad rev and viewing. Online TV is simply killing it, in terms of viewing and ad rev... leaving all others behind, and FAST; as it didn't kick into gear until ten years ago, then into high gear in 2018... with Free Advertising Supported Streaming TV.

The web now gets 60% of all ad dollars, up from 12% ten years ago. Domainers own most domains on the web... but still get zilch because they refuse to simply channel the money into their pockets.

And, NO... we all don't need to produce television ads. Or do anything but put a TV channel 'landing page' on those pages so that the folks that do produce TV ads can use it for "incremental (contextual) advertising"

Incremental Marketing; when a company runs a TV ad campaign to reach a mass audience the often also run an incremental ad campaign to reach their incremental audience via radio, trade magazines, etc., or, in this case contextual domain namespace.

Seeing a drone TV ad on drone domains will help sell drone domains, etc., so its win, win, and then win some more as a 'domain shopping channel' would also rep digital goods and services, website promo vids, etc., including creative from domainers that are 'creators'.

The eCard biz alone earns hundreds of millions now; the domainer DNS would add a layer of custom addressability -which could connect with the broadcast TV networks NextGenTV where viewers will soon be able send eCards from TV to TV.

Of course, broadcast TV could also extend the reach of their geo-based ads into contextual namespace.

I could go on, and on, but I'll leave you with this;
A 'domainer TV shopping channel' would make commission-based domain marketplaces redundant.
Buyers would gain universal (name) search, unbanned names, incremental ad rev streams, respect...
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I think it's really good to for you ...


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which table were you sitting at, before you lost your seat?

and who else was seated there with you, before you lost your seat?

just saying... why is that table so special that you have to take your seat back?

why can't you just sit at another table?


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^ As mentioned, economically, "our seat at the (web) table" as domainers... was a Paid Parking seat.
Google's Paid Search made, then changed, the (ad) rules essentially cutting the legs off of our chair.
The Paid Social networks' platform then removed the need for a domain seat all together.
The Paid Smart (Connected) TV platform is Our chance to regain an economic seat at the web table.

I could "sit at another table" IF there was a domainer built market table to sit at. There isn't.
So I'm putting forth the rational to build one.

You sit at Googdaddy's table, and boast about getting enough monthly parking crumbs to buy a pizza.
just saying... why is that table so special to you?

I hope it would be really good for me, but the history of putting a big idea out there almost always favors those who put their money where the fortune teller's mouth is at.

Truth is, what I'm talking about would be really good for the web... as the undeveloped domainer' web holds the most potential for the future of the internet, because it not about 'TV' per se.

Its about SCREENS and the (em)power(ment) of DNS to equalize the delivery of data, goods and services.


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i thought i had to travel the world and network w' peeps to make it, augmentation of my life thoughts and dreams, turns out its 2023 and "They" find you and your talents in this world..




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You sit at Googdaddy's table, and boast about getting enough monthly parking crumbs to buy a pizza.
just saying... why is that table so special to you?

over the years, i've had seats at more than one table at a time and to this day, still do.

some tables just disappeared, like voodoo, domainsponsor, parked, namedrive, etc
but i still had seats at sedo, bodis, pc, and uni,
not to mention a seat at the adsense table,

and yeah, we had pizza the other day, bbq ribs yesterday and i used ppc rev to pay for it.

but i feel what you're saying about "screens", cuz it's what folks are looking at all day.
you just wanna get in on the feed that's being fed to us/them.

i got some of those, etv, jtv, worldiptv