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Tactic to avoid trade mark issue



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Recently I bought a domain through namejet auction and later on I found its a trademarked name. Therefore I made a WordPress blog on it. Content of the website is totally different from the trademarked subject and industry. Further I expect to contact trademark owner using a different email to my whois email. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you.
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Please do not contact. Wait for them to contact you.

^--- THIS definitely. You emailing them at all about it will potentially throw in a wrench


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Yep, I agree...better not to contact them. Wait for them to contact you..... if the domain name is something that can be used as a pets name as well then .....then perfect...dedicate the site to ur dog (Named after the domain name) and say he passed away a few years ago and the site is dedicated to him....get a few pics of one ur friends dogs and stick it up on the site...and some blah blah blah about what an awesome dog he was.... so when they do contact you, you can say the site has sentimental value...(in other words, they need to make u a decent offer :P)