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  1. Brian Brower

    Brian Brower New Member

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    Hello, new to domaining so bear with me and thanks for taking the time to take a look. I am only asking because I get radically different results from different sites. Thanks in advance!

    Domainindex - $698
    Noktadomains - $4,450
    Epik - $160
    Siteprice - $5, 467
    MySiteWealth - $1,325

    Domainindex - $0
    Noktadomains - $443
    Epik - $310
    Estibot - $160
    Siteprice - $50
    MySiteWealth - $16
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  2. Arpit131

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    Aquatic camera is a rather popular term and this one doesn't seem to have advertisers or proper products for the search term. That makes it low on value. Therefore, I'd appraise it in low xxx term.

    Massve is kind of brandable in a way that startups kind of use these terms where they skip a vowel and still sound similar. Park it on brandbucket/brandpa etc wherever they accept, put a $2999 price tag and wait. If there are offers or someone hits the buy now, well and good.
    If I were you, I would hold onto this one for a couple of years with hope that some startup would come up with similar name and would want to go for this one.

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