Stebr Inc. launches Domain & Digital Marketplace Traderlo

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    The California-based artificial intelligence and custom software application development company, Stebr Inc., has officially launched Traderlo! A hybrid-free marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell premium digital products including domains, websites, templates, plugins, turnkey softwares, hosting solutions, digital products and digital services.

    In the first release of its e-commerce platform, specializes in top-performing domains where users can auction and make instant purchases. The platform’s extraordinary design delivers a unique advantage to sellers by allowing them to choose winners of their choice. This is a highly unique function when compared to the traditional bidding processes which automatically selects the highest bidder as the winner; popular platforms like eBay utilize this system.

    (List for free. When you make money pay flat 5% fee. )


    Domain Seller Guide (traderlo)

    read more (einews)
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