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Got this email from Godaddy trying to understand how did the buyer initiated the contact request. If someone got similar email please explain.

Someone is trying to contact you regarding​
We received a request from someone who'd like to contact you regarding, which you registered through GoDaddy. This contact method is designed to provide a way for people who are interested in your domain to reach you, while still keeping your contact information private.

We're required by ICANN regulations to forward these types of requests to you, and you're not under any obligation to respond.

Remember, we have no information on the legitimacy of these contacts, and scammers have been known to try to pose as GoDaddy or other companies. Use caution when viewing or replying to unsolicited messages from third parties. If you determine you would like to respond to this message, please be aware that you are electing to respond directly to a third party that has no affiliation with GoDaddy.

Here is the message from ******** Once again, this is NOT from a GoDaddy representative. GoDaddy does not authorize or verify any offers to sell or purchase domains via email.​
I would like to contact you regarding your domain and/or content on your website.
If you would like to respond to the requester, please email them at *****

If you are interested in selling your domain, the safest course of action would be to list the domain for sale, then email the inquirer that you have listed it for sale. To list your domain for sale, please visit this Help article for step-by-step instructions.​
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They contacted you through Whois.
If you just registered the domain, this most probably is not a buyer but someone selling their service (website and/or logo design etc.)
They contacted the registrar through WhoIs record (your info is set to ''private'' there, I assume). I'd definitely reply.
I got two of these last week with Dynadot.
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