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I have some domain and want to sell them but don’t know their value and I am new to domain industry.
1 – amazondomain.org
2 – amazonbike.org
3- amazonprimeair.xyz
4- Airtelonlinestore.com
5- Airtelstore.com

I have a domain of Airtel they have started a website in the name of airtel online store but they don’t have the domain name they just redirect it to there airtel. com
Airtel is one of the largest network provider in asia. And I have Airtelstore.com too.

I dont know how much these domain worth or how should i can sell them.
What should i do with that please any experience domainer answer because i am new to domain industry
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You probably should do some reading about domains, trademarks, and UDRP's.
Ok. First thing is don't register someone else's name. There is no point to it. There is no need to make money off the coat-tails of others. Use your own fresh ideas. Even if they don't work, you can still have pride that it was your own stuff.

Those domains have no value.
This would have no value and would suggest you to drop this domain as it might take you to the UDRP trademark issues.
Op account closed( disallowed) whatever that means so thread should be closed

Reg fee due to trademark issues. Take 2 weeks off, retire and go get job at macdonalds