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    Been trying to promote/market some domains on social media for some time & have finally arrived at the conclusion it's a waste of time ! Tweeted about a domain a couple of days ago & it's had more 'impressions' ie alleged views than i've ever seen, over 2,500 !! Well, despite there being a link in the tweet to the Dan lander.........not 1 link click, not even 1 !?

    It would seem that nobody on twitter is vaguely interested in domains (probably just mine), or they just don't get it or they're too suspicious of clicking on links. The above is not unusual, apart from the crazy number of impressions, link clicks are rarer than rocking horse Sh!t !

    Instagram changed their algorithm I think it was last year, since then a post that would have received 30,40, 50 likes within an hour or two is now lucky to receive 1 or 2 full stop !

    Linkedin has also proved fruitless, apart fro the odd like, views of posts are so underwhelming, it really isn't worth the time & effort & as for direct messaging, you'd be lucky if more than about 2 or three percent of people bother to reply.

    Before I get shot down in flames, I realise it's all about the quality of the domains (subjective) & price etc & that had they been 1 word .coms etc I guess it would be a totally different story but then those sort of domains don't need promoting.
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    Did you specify your target audience?

    I've tried it, but i had limited budget so I couldn't conclude if it was a success or failure.

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